Some graphic juxtapositions

A friend asked when the “sundry” elements that are promised in the blog subtitle would come, so here we go; I will post some of my graphic design doodling.

First, since he’s in the news a lot and seems not to say much, here’s a morph between Rob Ford and Hodor from Game of Thrones. I know, it’s a bit of a cheap… er, crack:

I’ve always thought Sky Ferreira’s and Robert Pattinson’s faces look scarily alike:

There’s a very well-studied phenomenon in psychology called the Stroop Effect, where there is a decoupling of the contents and the display of a word. Try to say the colors of these words: BLUE YELLOW BROWN. I work a lot with different typefacers and it occurred to me that the same mind-f*ck might work:
User doomrobo on reddit pointed out that I arranged the subsitutions in a Hamiltonion cycle, to which my response was, of course, “Yes, I totally meant to do that, I chose that arrangement because I definitely knew what a Hamiltonion cycle was before you mentioned it and did not have to google it just now. It is purely a coincidence that it happens to be the easiest way to do substitutions without the added effort of keeping track of them.”
Finally, I work in a biochemistry lab and like many geek art fans, I love René Magritte, so I mocked up this version of La Trahison des images:

Oh, did I say “finally”? That was to lull you into a false sense of security so I could hit you with this awful, awful X-Files pun:

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