Word clouds of On the Road, The Great Gatsby and Heart of Darkness

Total words: 115,000

Title words: On(1066) the(6317) Road(189); as a phrase, “On the Road”(24) 
Famous phrase: “the mad(90) ones(12), the ones who are mad to live(115), mad to talk(88), mad to be saved(7), desirous(2) of everything(171) at the same(78) time(287).”
Onomatopoeic variants: aah(2), aaah(1), aaaaah(3), aw(2), aww(0), awww(1)
Some words that appear only once: mainstream, destination, television, speed limit, freedom
“Merge”, “yield”, “horsepower”, “whim” and “destiny” do not appear.


Total words: 49,000
Title words: The(2401) Great(26) Gatsby(262); as a phrase, “The Great Gatsby” does not appear.
Full names: “Jay Gatsby”(10). “Nick Carraway” and “Daisy Buchanan” do not appear.
Famous phrase: beautiful(7) little(103) fool(8); “beautiful little fool” appears once.
Some words that appear once only: adventitious, caravansary, ectoplasm, fruiterer, Rockefeller, feminine
“Adultery” does not appear.


Total words: 37,000
Title words: Heart(29) of(1499) Darkness(31); as a phrase, “Heart of Darkness” (2)
All variations of “dark”, “black” or “shadow”: 124 (Similar frequency: “been”(123).)
Famous phrase: Mistah(1) Kurtz(122) he(597) dead(23). “Mistah Kurtz — he dead” (1)
Famous phrase: The(2468) horror(7); as a phrase, “The horror! The horror!” (3)
Some words that appear once only: towser, fisticuffs, fecund, assegais, thoughtful, starboard, divine
Place names: Africa(1). “Congo” does not appear. River(65).
“Evil” does not appear.


It’s been a few months since I made a word cloud, it was nice to return to one of the inspirations for this blog. The On the Road background is a detail from a Dutch book cover which was repurposed for a paperback of James Sallis’s Drive; the font is Quid Pro Quo. The Great Gatsby is, of course, the iconic first edition design with Francis Cugat’s painting, “Celestial Eyes”; the font is, appropriately, GatsbyFLF bold. The design of Heart of Darkness is based on Joseph Maclise’s 1859 pocket manual Surgical Anatomy; the font is Primitive (a name, not an adjective).
The word clouds were made using the great online tool Tagxedo; I realized I forgot to give them credit for my previous word clouds, so I’ve gone back and edited the posts.

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