Word Cloud of Fight Club

The design of this word cloud is based, not on the book cover, but on the iconic poster for the film:
Unsurprisingly, four of the five most common non-trivial words are the names of the two main characters (besides the unnamed protagonist): “Tyler” (the ninth most common word overall, surpassing “is” and “it”), “Marla” and “Durden”. The nameless “mechanic” is the densest non-trivial word, appearing 70 times in only three chapters.
Also unsurprisingly to anyone familiar with the book or the movie, “fight” is the most common non-trivial non-eponym, appearing 232 times; 45% of these appearances alone are in Chapter 5, where the actual Fight Club is introduced. 69% of the time, the next word is “club”; 13% of the time, the preceding word is “about” (as in “talk about fight club”).
There are approximately* 50,000 total words, and approximately 5,100 unique words. The title, “fight club”, appears 162 times.
The words that appear only once in Fight Club but still are more common than in the Brown corpus are a real grab-bag of scientific, sexual, slang and posh terms, including “chlorofluorocarbons”, “amyl”, “sodomy”, “cunnilingus”, “bahzillion”, “wedgie”, “wainscoting”, “vichyssoise” and all three words in the phrase “Dakapo halogen torchiere”.
For more information, see the Wikipedia entries about the novel, the film or the author. You can also see *the method I used to determine the non-trivial words and their frequencies.
Word cloud created using Tagxedo.

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