By popular demand for the Cancer infographic

I’ve been getting lots of feedback from Monday’s post with an interactive graphic I made about diagnosis and mortality rates among different cancers. This is very gratifying, the positive and negative comments both, I’m learning a lot about people’s first impressions of such things.

I’ve had a few repeated requests: yes, you have my permission to post this anywhere and use it for non-evil purposes as long as you give me and the sources credit. I made a big, nice, static version for when the interactive one is inconvenient: here it is.

I’ve included all the data you need to properly understand it non-interactively; bear in mind that it’s a little less obviously intuitive if you can’t mouseover and get that instant cognitive feedback

Thank you so much to Chris Kirk at, Lauren F. Friedman at Business Insider, Andrew Sullivan at The Dish (Chart of the Day!) and Bryce Rudow at The Daily Banter for sharing my graphic.

EDIT 2019-05-14: At least one of those links, to The Dish, is dead, and good riddance. Andrew Sullivan is not a good human.

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