Webcomic #1: I am dino, hear me saur

Note from 2019: I wrote 52 webcomics in total before I lost inspiration or my life got in the way or I realized I was occasionally inspired but on average not that great or it hit me that I can’t actually draw or some combination of the above. See the whole collection in my Prooffreader’s Whimsy blogspot site. Um, some aren’t terrible, I think.

EDIT: My previous attempt, shown below, had a meteor that looked more like a thermometer. No wonder the dinosaur was concerned. Who knows in what orifice that would have gone?


3 Replies to “Webcomic #1: I am dino, hear me saur”

  1. For a moment I thought it was a giant thermometer going off the scale and that this is an allusion to global warming. Then I remember your gif.

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