My personality, according to IBM Watson

I just signed up for a 30-day trial of IBM Watson’s Bluemix, a set of mostly language processing APIs that are, in some cases, quite illuminating, and in other cases, rather entertaining.

One of the tools is Personality Insights, which will take any text and algorithmically predict the personality traits of the author. When I saw there was even a one-click tool to submit the RSS feed of a blog, how could I resist? I submitted

The results are… interesting. Like a horoscope, I wonder how much is overgeneralization; I hope there is some overfitting going on, because some of it is not at all flattering!

For one, my emotional range is only 26.8%. My reaction: Meh.

And while I agree I’m not the most outgoing person in the world, a 0.8% score for “extraversion” is a little extreme! Ah well, at least I can comfort myself that unlike IBM’s Jeopardy!-winning supercomputer, I know how to spell “extroversion”. Well, at least today I learned that the proper (but less common) spelling of what most people call “extroversion” is “extraversion”, because Latin.


    Conservation: 100%  
    Self-enhancement: 91%  
    Hedonism: 3%  
    Openness to change: 1.3%  
    Self-transcendence: 0.9%  
    Structure: 66.7%  
    Curiosity: 48.1%  
    Challenge: 29.2%  
    Ideal: 12.5%  
    Self-expression: 4.9%  
    Practicality: 4.5%  
    Closeness: 4.3%  
    Harmony: 3.6%  
    Stability: 2.5%  
    Love: 2.5%  
    Liberty: 1.8%  
    Excitement: 0.9%  

The Big 5      
    Openness: 97.6%  
        Imagination: 100%
        Authority-challenging: 100%
        Intellect: 98.8%
        Adventurousness: 97.7%
        Artistic interests: 1.5%
        Emotionality: 0.8%
    Conscientiousness: 72.6%  
        Cautiousness: 100%
        Achievement striving: 88.8%
        Self-discipline: 48.1%
        Self-efficacy: 9.5%
        Dutifulness: 2.9%
        Orderliness: 1.1%
    Emotional range: 26.8%  
        Self-consciousness: 32.2%
        Immoderation: 27.8%
        Susceptible to stress: 18.6%
        Prone to worry: 17.4%
        Fiery: 12.8%
        Melancholy: 2.6%
    Agreeableness: 2.1%  
        Cooperation: 95.6%
        Trust: 93%
        Uncompromising: 32%
        Sympathy: 1.6%
        Altruism: 0.9%
        Modesty: 0.7%
    Extraversion: 0.8%  
        Excitement-seeking: 0.9%
        Activity level: 0.8%
        Assertiveness: 0.8%
        Gregariousness: 0.8%
        Outgoing: 0.7%
        Cheerfulness: 0.6%