The State of the Blog

The State of the Blog
15 January, 2019

I really should have written something before this, my apologies.

When I started this data-sciency blog (before I even understood what it was about!), there were two very different situations from today:

(a) The blogosphere was a viable way to get clicks (not that I monetized, I just wanted my work to be seen), before reddit became the Toxic Avengers Meeting Saloon and before Facebook and Twitter took over the non-billionaire-owned media. This is an oversimplification, obviously, but it was a factor.

(b) I had a lot more time and energy to devote to it, because I was a freelancer and learning new stuff every day and eager to share what I’d learned (whether I’d truly understood it or not). I’ve been working full time as a python developer-slash-software engineer-slash-data science professional since June 2015 and this has left me (1) little time or energy to devote to this, and (2) better skills so that my threshold of what makes a publishable blog post has risen sharply.

All that to say, that in my mind, I haven’t abandoned this, even though it may appear I have! I’ve started seven or eight projects for this space, and put them all on hiatus for one reason or another, usually some combination of my perfectionism and my running out of temporary free time to give the project some headspace.

I don’t know what the future holds! (If there’s one thing data science, which is all about predicting the future, has taught me is that we collectively really, really, really suck at predicting the future.) I REALLY hope I haven’t written my last blog entry. Time will tell, I suppose (cliché alert).

In the meantime, feel free to browse at what I was doing mostly when I was a freelancer and wanted to showcase my skills to future employers. That was maybe the extra kick I needed? Who knows, it could happen again.

David “prooffreader” Taylor
(proofreader is misspelled, that’s the joke)

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