Short blog update

So I’m between jobs right now, and have decided to take some time and level up on some skills. Which means I’ll hopefully be writing about that here, yay! But the stuff I write is likely to be more technical than some of my other stuff. The blog keeps evolving.

I’ve moved off Blogger (which Google is just going through the motions to maintain) and on to a self-hosted WordPress instance on a subdomain of my personal website (which I won’t link to here because, for complicated and stupid reasons, I lost all its content and need to rebuild it).

All the URLs stay the same, so what little SEO I had, remains; redirects opaquely to the subdomain. It only took hours of DNS foolery to figure it out, it’s not exactly my specialty.

I’ll also start cross-posting things to different sites, like /r/Python, DEV.TO, Medium, etc. where appropriate.

All right, to work on my next real content. Gimme a few minutes.

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