Aliunde Kodi Addon | Install and Use

Aliunde is an all-in-one addon developed by Aliunde to deliver all kinds of entertainment streams to Kodi users. This addon works with both Kodi version 18 Leia and 19 Matrix. It is a premium addon, meaning you must have a paid Debrid service subscription to watch content on the addon. 

You can also configure it with other services, and it allows site pairing. The addon works on Fire TV, Firestick, Android TV, and any other Operating System (OS) that supports Kodi.

General Description + Features

This addon has a simple interface with plenty of categories to choose from. They include: 

Aliunde Addon Sections

The addon contains several segments, such as:

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Trakt
  • Last link played
  • Resume Watching
  • My RD history
  • RD torrents
  • Search
  • Search history
  • Settings

Aliunde Movie Sections

  • Popular movies
  • Actor
  • 3D movies
  • Genre
  • Years
  • Studio
  • Advance content selection
  • Search movie
  • Search history
  • History

Aliunde TV shows Sections

  • Popular TV shows
  • On the air
  • Classic TV shows
  • New TV shows 
  • New episodes
  • Genre
  • Years
  • Networks
  • Advance content selection
  • Search
  • Search history
  • Series tracker
How Not To F*ck Up Your Kodi Experience: Streaming movies and TV shows on any of the 3rd party Kodi-addons may be illegal in your country due to copyright issues. 

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Installation Prerequisites

Before installing the addon to your device, there are few things that need to be in check. First, you’ll need to allow installation from unknown sources in Kodi settings. This is because Aliunde is a third-party addon and is not supported by the Kodi foundation; it comes from an external provider. 

  • Go to Home Screen, click on the gear icon, click on system, select “add-ons” on the left side menu, allow installation from “Unknown Sources”, click “yes” when the warning popup appears.

You need a working Real-Debrid account to access content in the Aliunde addon. For this reason, first, install Real-Debrid on Kodi. Debrid services supported by the Aliunde addon include:

  • Real-Debrid
  • Premiumize
  • All Debrid

You can now install the Aliunde repository that hosts the Aliunde addon and then install the addon from the repository folder to your Kodi device.

Here’s the location of the repository and addon info you need:

  1. Name of the addon: Aliunde
  2. Repository name: Aliunde Repository
  3. Category: Media sources
  4. Media source name: Aliunde
  5. The latest working URL:

Step-by-Step Guide To Install Aliunde Repository and Aliunde Kodi Addon

Installing Aliunde Repository

  1. Go to Home Screen, click on Gear Icon, click on File Manager;
  2. Click Add Source, Click None, Type in the URL “” and click Done;
  3. Pick a name for the repository (i.e. Aliunde) and enter it in the bottom box and click OK;
  4. Click back until you are in the Main Menu, select Addons on the left side 
  5. Click on the Box Symbol (top left corner), Choose Install From ZIP file, click Yes when a warning appears;
  6. Open “Aliunde” Source and choose this file: “
  7. A notification saying “Installed Successfully” will appear.

Installing Aliunde Kodi Addon

  1. Go to Home Screen, find Add-ons on the left side, select the box symbol (top left corner) to get to the Addon Browser;
  2. Click on Install From Repository, choose Aliunde Repository, click on Video Addons in the category section;
  3. Click on Aliunde and hit install, select OK to confirm the installation of dependencies (don’t appear in Kodi 19 Matrix);
  4. A notification saying “Installed Successfully” will appear;
  5. You have now downloaded Aliunde to Kodi.

Aliunde Compatibility

Aliunde is popular among Kodi 18 Leia users. For Kodi 19 Matrix users, there’s a new version of Aliunde called Aliunde Plus compatible with the latest Kodi version. It works the same way for both versions and can be found in the developer repository.  

Apart from Real-Debrid, Aliunde addon is compatible with Trakt TV. Trakt is a freemium media tracking service that you can use to sync your content across various platforms and devices.

If you have a Trakt account, you can integrate it within Aliunde and sync all your content. 

Integrating Aliunde with Trakt makes it much easier to manage your favorite TV shows and movies on Kodi. You can use Trakt free of charge, but if you like additional features like widgets, advanced filtering, or list cloning, you’ll need to upgrade your account to VIP. 

Note that Trakt only stores and syncs the content you stream on Kodi. It’s not a substitute for any Debrid service. For this reason, your Real-Debrid account ought to be active to access content within the Aliunde addon.

Great Addon For Cord Cutters

Aliunde is one of the best addons for cord-cutters and users with jailbroken Firestick devices. Cord-cutters are users who cancel their cable or satellite TV subscriptions and choose to access television via streaming services over the internet. 

Aliunde Addon Alternatives

Various Kodi addons work the same way as the Aliunde addon; below are some of the best alternatives you can opt for:

  • The Shadow: Aliunde is actually based on the Shadow addon, and they share the same source code. The Shadow addon provides high-quality links to movies and TV shows and also supports Trakt.
  • The Asgard: This is a popular all-in-one addon with plenty of movies and TV shows. It works with Real-Debrid and supports HD, 4K, and 3D movies.
  • Black Lightning: This addon is perfect for users who enjoy watching the latest movies and TV shows. It is compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix and works with Real-Debrid.

Common Issues With Aliunde

Aliunde users face different issues using this addon. Here are the most common errors and the most effective solutions you can apply to fix the issues:

Aliunde No Stream Available Error

The No Streams Available error message usually occurs when you launch the Aliunde Kodi addon and search for specific content. Here’s how to fix such errors: 

Clear Kodi Cache

It is important to clear Kodi cache regularly to maintain the proper functionalities of addons. To fix the No Stream Available error, head back to device settings if you’re using a Mi box, Android box, Android TV, or Firestick, and clear cache. Personal Computer (PC) users may need to download maintenance tools such as SG Wizard or OpenWizard to clear Kodi cache.   

Reauthorize Debrid Services With An Updated ResolveURL

Addons that need to be integrated with other addons often require dependencies for proper function. Dependencies can be in the form of web scrapers or ResolveURLs used to fetch streams of your favorite content from online servers. 

Given that Aliunde needs to be integrated with Real-Debrid, it uses ResolveURL to fetch data from external providers. 

The ResolveURL, the successor to the previously used URL resolver, needs to stay updated to avoid errors such as No Streams Available. Outdated ResolveURLs may be the main reason for such an error. If you come across the error, it is advisable to manually download the latest ResolveURLs from the Gujal Github. 

Switch From Auto Play To Source Select

The auto-play feature may have lots of advantages to users given that it loads streams directly from external servers without the user’s input. As a result, it saves users’ the time they would spend selecting streaming links. However, this feature does not usually work all the time, which is why you may encounter the No Stream Available’error if there’s no external server with the kind of content you want. 

If that’s the case, you may switch from auto-play to the source select option. The source select option lets you manually select a streaming link from a list of available links. However, it takes more time to load a stream using this option than when using the auto-play feature.

The source select option has, occasionally, proven effective in fixing the No Stream Available error. You can do this by going to Kodi settings and making the switch.   

Disable VPN While Using Debrid Services

Not all VPN services can work with Debrid services. Real-Debrid has blacklisted some VPN providers deemed to be uncooperative and whitelisted some others. You can find out if your VPN provider is allowed to connect to Real-Debrid services from their official website. 

If Real-Debrid has blacklisted your VPN provider, you’ll need to disable VPN services while using Real-Debrid. Otherwise, you may encounter the No Streams Available error when you launch the Aliunde addon. 

Use A Proxy Server

Some users encounter the No Streams Available error because their ISPs have actively blocked Kodi or Debrid services. This mostly happens to individuals using Kodi torrent addons or those who consume lots of bandwidth while streaming high-quality movies or TV shows online. To minimize bandwidth congestion, ISPs apply bandwidth throttling measures or actively block such users.

To find out if your ISP has blocked your connection, use a VPN service and launch the Aliunde addon, then check if the addon works. Remember, your VPN provider must be whitelisted to establish a connection over Debrid services. 

If Real-Debrid has actively blocked your VPN provider, the best alternative is to connect to a proxy server. A proxy server will act as an intermediary between you and the internet, enabling you to connect to Debrid services without ISP interference. 

When that happens, your ISP won’t know what you’re doing online even if you consume lots of bandwidth. Using a proxy server will help you escape ISP blocking and may be an effective solution to the No Streams Available error.

Disable And Enable All Providers

Aliunde relies on external providers to provide streaming content. Therefore, if you request certain content using the Aliunde Kodi addon and it fails to retrieve the content, you may see the No Streams Available error on your screen. This error may be a result of Aliunde trying to fetch streaming content from obsolete providers. 

In that case, the best thing to do is to disable all providers and enable them. After enabling, check to see if Aliunde is working fine.

Aliunde Fails To Launch

If you launch the Aliunde addon on Kodi and it fails to open or stops working unexpectedly, here are some possible reasons and solutions. 

Aliunde may fail to launch due to the wrong configuration of proxy settings, leading to loss of connectivity. To fix this, ensure you have configured your home network to work with Kodi by checking if they’re using the same server and port number. Also, if you’re using a VPN service or proxy server, you need to configure the proxy settings correctly, or else the Aliunde addon will fail to launch.

Another reason Aliunde may fail to launch is because of full cache storage. To fix this, either clear Kodi from device settings or use a maintenance addon. 

Aliunde Fails To Play Links Or Requires Stream Authorization

Stream authorization involves pairing your device with the streaming source or link provider. It helps sites raise advertising revenue used for server and website maintenance. 

Therefore, users who fail to pair their devices with the streaming website cannot access the content. While it may not seem like a bad thing, it slows down access to content, and the fact that users need to visit an external website exposes them to vulnerabilities. 

This usually happens to users who have enabled the Source Select option and rarely occurs if you have the auto-play feature enabled. To prevent this from happening, here are two things you need to do:

Stick To A Static IP Address

This is an IP address specifically assigned to you and not shared by anyone else. If you use a static IP address to pair with the hoster site, you won’t need to pair your device again if you lose connection. The website will recognize your IP address and require no further authorization. 

A static IP address places you at the same geographical location each time a website requires stream authorization; Therefore, you’ll need to pair your device only once. You can request a static IP address from your ISP or the VPN service provider. The only downside to this is that you’ll need to pair your device with every new hoster. 

Switch From Free To Premium Hosters 

Aliunde best works when integrated with Debrid services such as Real-Debrid because they provide premium hosters. Free hosters may contain obsolete ResolveURLs or streaming websites that require stream authorization but are full of spam. In most cases, websites with spam have repetitive meta tags to improve their ranking. 

On the other hand, premium hosters do not require stream authorization and allow users to stream content smoothly without interruptions. For a better experience while using the Aliunde Kodi addon, go to Kodi settings and disable free hosters. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Aliunde Kodi Addon

What’s the Aliunde Addon Used For?

The Aliunde Kodi Addon is an entertainment addon with plenty of movies and TV shows to watch over the internet. 

Is Aliunde Kodi Addon Legal?

Aliunde Kodi addon is 100% legal and safe to use. However, please note that it is illegal to use the addon to stream copyrighted material. For this reason, the end-user is solely responsible for the kind of content accessed on addons such as Aliunde. 

Do I Need A VPN To Use Aliunde Addon For Kodi?

You don’t need a VPN to watch content on the Aliunde Kodi addon. The addon works perfectly fine even without a VPN connection. But, if you want to protect your privacy, it’s advisable to use a reliable, whitelisted VPN that encrypts online traffic and prevents ISPs and the government from seeing the content you wish to access over the internet. 

Does Aliunde Addon Work With All Debrid Services?

Yes, it does; all you need to do is go to the addon settings and change the Choose Debrid Service to All Debrid.

To recap, the Aliunde Kodi addon is perfect for movie and TV show enthusiasts. It integrates quite well with Real-Debrid and Trakt to provide users with high-quality content. Additionally, the addon offers different entertainment genres and is regularly updated for the ultimate viewing experience.