Best Kodi Addons | All You Need To Know

Kodi allows you to draw together viewing streams from many sources. By connecting to these sources using addons, you can bring your favorite shows and channels together and access them through a single dashboard.

However, Kodi addons are constantly changing, with those that were once the best now being replaced with new addons. Many of Kodi’s repositories have broken links, some no longer exist, and others have inadequate or poor-quality content if any. Finally, not all Kodi addons are completely stable. Many run the risk of being taken down over legal issues as it has happened before with popular add-ons like Placenta, Neptune Rising, and Uranus.

The good news is that there are some great and working Kodi addons out there in almost every category. To save you time and effort, we have compiled a list of the best kodi 18 and kodi 19 add ons that will give you an amazing Kodi experience.

Types of Kodi Addons

There are three main types of Kodi addons. These are free link addons, real Debrid Kodi addons, and torrent addons.

  • Free link Kodi addons bring in freely available links from the internet.
  • Real Debrid Kodi addons source links from paid accounts.
  • Torrent Kodi addons, as the name suggests, bring torrent links. Torrent addons are recommended for advanced users.
How Not To F*ck Up Your Kodi Experience: Streaming movies and TV shows on any of the 3rd party Kodi-addons may be illegal in your country due to copyright issues. 

Consider using a VPN if you truly care about protecting your online privacy.

Here are the key benefits of hiding your IP (using VPN):

1) Encrypts your internet traffic.
2) You can access Geo-restricted content.
3) You can avoid ISP throttling.
4) You can avoid unwanted surveillance by government agencies and ISPs.
5) You can protect yourself from hackers.

Connect VPN on all of your streaming devices (iOS, Windows, Android, Amazon Fire TV, etc.) and enjoy worry-free & high-speed movie experience 24/7.

The Most Popular VPN Providers Among Kodi Users Are:

1) Get CyberGhost - 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
2) Get ExpressVPN - 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
3) Get PrivateVPN - 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Best Free Link Kodi Addons for Movies and TV Shows

The Oath | Works With Kodi 19

The Oath tops our list of best Kodi Addons due to its compatibility with Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix. This compatibility has resulted in the rising popularity of The Oath among Kodi users over the last couple of months. From The Oath’s table of contents, you can watch Movies, TV shows, My TV Shows, My Movies, New Movies, New Episodes, Search, and Tools.

The Oath is native Orion-integrated and has numerous links that stream fast to provide a fabulous Kodi experience. It comes with The OathScrappers, which is its provider source, and also supports OpenScrappers.

The Crew | Works With Kodi 19

If you are looking for an all-inclusive movie and tv show addon for Kodi 18 and Kodi 19, then The Crew might be the right match. This video content addon integrates with debrid to play HD content even better than you can imagine. It is a good option for watching, Live TV, Sports, and Movies, and TV shows. 

The main menu comes with TV Shows, Movies, Sports, IPTV, Kids, Standup comedy, 1 Click (meaning that you can play your favorite show in just one click), Fitness, Radio, and much more. The sports section provides selections for NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, NCAAF, Boxing, WWE, Tennis, and FIFA, among others. Currently, The Crew does a very good job pulling in tons of videos and providing regular updates, thus it makes sense to rank it high in our Best Kodi add ons list. 

Asgard | Works With Kodi 19

Asgard provides multiple options like movie and TV show categories to Kodi users. This addon provides many links to choose from, which makes it different from standard options. The sections include Non-Debrid, Movies, TV Shows live, Sports, Kids, Documentaries, Anime, Concerts, IPTV, and more. Asgard’s movie section often has newer movies that many Kodi add ons lack. 



Another Kodi 19 Matrix video addon, SealTeam 6 pulls free links fast and streams better than most Kodi addons. SealTeam6’s sections for Movies and TV shows include New Movies, TV Shows, New Episodes, My TV Shows, Channels, Tools and Search, among others. Besides working with Kodi 19 Matrix, SealTeam6 supports Trakt as well. This Kodi addon is based on the famous Exodus layout and can be found in the South Paw Repository. 


Tempest is another updated Exodus Fork that currently pulls multiple free links swiftly. Similar to Exodus and other Forks, Tempest’s main menu sections for movies and TV shows include TV shows, Movies, New Movies, Live TV (IPTV), 1-Clicks, among other subsections. Tempest remains a popular Kodi addon because (many ex-Covenant users now prefer tempest) since its layout and usability are almost similar to Covenant’s. Also, the Tempest developer keeps this addon updated.

Tempest is also compatible with Trakt TV. You can pay to get working free links from the addon’s 50+ servers. Trakt.TV will help you keep an eye on watched shows and stay on track. Tempest has built a good reputation of returning multiple working streams for vast content as well as getting 1080p and HD streams. 


DejaVu | Compatible With Kodi 19

DejaVu is a Kodi Video content and sports addon in the dejavu repository that works well on all devices including 4K, Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, Android TV, and NVIDIA Shield. Best results are achieved when a Real-Debrid account is integrated when streaming content from the addon. This Kodi addon provides many high-quality links for buffer-less streaming. 

Sections include Movies, 4K UHD, Debrid, Boxing, Daily Motion, Comedians, Live in Concerts, Worldwide CCTV, Online radio, Jukebox, and more. DejaVu stands out as it provides many sections and subsections to find different content by pulling in a multitude of quality videos quickly. 


Maverick is a functional all-rounded Kodi addon that streams Live TV, movies, TV shows, and Sports.  From Maverick’s table of contents, you get to choose from a range of sections for movies, TV shows like New Movie Release, 4K UHD, Debrid Classics, Latest TV Shows, Top 250, Sports, and more.  Maverick has a combination of free link users. The addon’s New Movie Release section comes with multiple free 1-Click to play videos that work well at the moment. 


Scrubs V2

Scrubs V2 has earned its spot on the best addons for Kodi list as it is one of the most steadily updated Kodi 19 addons. Scrubs V2 video add-on is an Exodus Fork and one of the most loved Kodi addons since it has a similar layout with Exodus but is up-to-date and working. Scrubs V2 is a good option for watching TV shows and Movies. Sections include Movies, My Movies, New Movies, TV Shows, New Episodes, Networks, Documentaries, Search, and Tools. 



Ghost allows you to watch free live TV channels from the US, UK, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Germany, French, Australia, and many other countries. The main menu in this video addon comes with Ghost, BNW Movies, UFC Replays, The Mad Titan, and Chains Sinsters. The Ghost section comes with Movies, Kids, Shows, IPTV, and Setup. The movies category has Movies List, 1-Click List, Movie List, Movies by Year, Genres, and more.  The 1-Click List section works efficiently and provides tons of free content links.

Best Kodi Addons for Real Debrid Users

Real Debrid is an unlimited downloading service that enables instant file downloads. Using Real Debrid will give you seamless access to content links and ensure that you download media and files at the maximum capacity of your internet speed. Below are some of the best addons for Kodi 19 and Kodi 18 to consider in this category.

Venom | Works With Kodi 19

Venom is currently one of the best Exodus forks today. It’s worth mentioning that this addon is receiving regular updates, which is a good feature in the world of Kodi addons. Venom works fabulously on all devices, including the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. An autoplay feature automatically chooses a high-quality source to give you a maximum viewing experience. Venom does not disappoint when it comes to Real-Debrid integration. It offers tons of high-quality links, many of these being 1080p HD and 4K quality. There are sections for movies, TV shows, New Movies, Movies My Movies, and New Episodes.

What’s more? Venom features a lot of content, including integration, making it an all-rounded media powerhouse. This, and other reasons, makes Venom one of the best Kodi Addons for real-Debrid users.


Launched in 2018, the Seren video addon was developed by the author of the world’s famous Incursion Kodi Addons. The Seren Kodi Addon provides a reliable place to watch movies and TV shows and supports integration with Real-Debrid, Trakt, and Premiumize. Unlike typical add-ons, you can play shows and movies using torrents fast and efficiently with Seren.

This Kodi addon doesn’t work without either Real-Debrid, Premiumize, and/or AllDebrid. It only works with paid premium versions of either service. A “Smart Play” setting includes Auto Playlist Creation, Up Next, Pre-emptive Scraping, and Auto Episode Resume.


Like other Kodi 19 addons in our selection, Marauder won’t disappoint when it comes to Real-Debrid Integration. This recently updated Kodi addon is held within The Crew repository, which contains popular addons like Shadow and The Crew. With Marauder, you get high-quality links, most of which are 1080p HD and 4K. Marauder is dedicated to TV shows and movies and has a few quirky categories that differentiate it from the pack. These are The Movie Chest, Hack the Planet. IMDB Top 250, and Boxsets, New Movies, and more.

Exodus Redux Version V8

Without a doubt, Exodus Redux is one of the best Kodi add ons available today. This is due to its vast selection of Movies and TV Shows, Documentaries, and other content. We were blown away by the hundreds of high-quality links that came through after we authorized Real-Debrid within Exodus Redux. When it comes to Real-Debrid integration and quality links, Exodus Redux is at the top of our list of Kodi addons.



Numbers is a high-quality video Kodi addon that can be found in the CellarDoorTV Repository alongside other excellent addons and builds. When combined with Real-Debrid, this all-in-one Kodi addon provides thousands of videos. You will enjoy this addon if you use both Kodi and Real-Debrid.



Covenant, like Venom, is an Exodus fork and is one of the most widely known Kodi addons available. It has a large section dedicated to popular movies and shows. Using Real-Debrid in this addon will give you access to a plethora of high-quality channels. After testing Real-Debrid within Covenant, we noticed hundreds of high-quality RD links.

How To Install, Use, and Update Covenant Kodi Addon


Athena is a fantastic Kodi addon designed for Real-Debrid users that can be found in the well-known EzzerMacs Repository. This addon has a strong content lineup that works really well on a Real-Debrid account! When we were testing Real-Debrid integration in Athena, we immediately noticed a wide variety of high links populating. Athena also has a Real-Debrid category known as “Premium Accounts Lounge.”


Shadow is the latest Kodi addon to the online streaming scene that is currently only available in Real-Debrid. Shadow can be found in The Crew repository, which also contains popular addons like The Crew. Shadow has a large selection of movies and TV shows. After testing Real-Debrid within Shadow, we noticed hundreds of high-quality RD links.

Best Torrent addons for Kodi

Seren | Works With Kodi 19

This addon made a pretty delightful impression when it was introduced to the Kodi world. Its newness did not affect its widespread acceptance due to its multiple capabilities. It’s still in its early development stages, but the improvements being made show how much potential this addon has. Seren does not currently provide free streaming links. It must be configured with one of the two premium hosts – Real Minar or Premiumize. 

Seren currently uses premium links only, and as such, you will get better playback. Your streams load quickly, play quickly, and you will have a plethora of HD streaming options. With the Seren continuous addon updates and modifications, it may soon offer free streams, but even with its premium links, this addon is incredible and comfortably sits on our list. Consider the fact that you won’t have to sift through a slew of broken links before finding one that works.

FEN | Works With Kodi 19

If you want an add-on that has a good selection of quality trending TV shows and movies, the FEN Kodi addon is the way to go. This is a new and exciting add-on that includes powerful scrapers for obtaining high-quality online streaming links. FEN is a small addon that’s also very fast when streaming, with no buffering issues, and so on.

Its design resembles that of the popular Exodus addon, but its developers have stated unequivocally that it is not Exodus’s clone. This addon has a long list of excellent features that will enhance your streaming experience, such as Trakt integration for more streams and support for Real-Debrid.

We recommend combining this addon with Real-Debrid to get premium links to your favorite shows and movies. With HD streaming, Furk support, and EasynewsUsenet as a provider, it can be used as a replacement for Exodus at any time. It combines resolvers and providers to provide links to specific queries as an addon with several streaming sources.

Some of its key highlights and categories include the following: free support from Fen Scrappers and ResolveURL, torrent and download support, quick access to the Kodi streaming library, search, and much more. FEN provides dozens of high streams of recent movies in 1080p resolution and higher resolutions. You can take a look at it for your entertainment!


Gaia is yet another of the best Kodi addons for streaming TV shows and movies. It’s a fork of the official version Bubbles addon and is now available from the Gaia repository. The addon has a large media library with categories divided into  Movies and TV shows,, Documentaries, Kids, Shorts, and Tools to help you find what you’re looking for.

For several months, the addon has been constantly upgraded to provide the user with the best performance. It includes some great features for those who use these accounts, such as Premiumize and Real-Debrid and integration. It also fully supports Trakt TV, so keeping track of what the user is watching is no longer a problem.

Gaia provides full personalization capabilities, allowing users to customize everything from the layout to the features to the video and audio and quality. With the latest bug fixes and updates, this addon is running extremely fast, and there is no other addon like Gaia in terms of customizations and services.


Elementum is an excellent and fast Kodi Torrent addon. It was recently updated and is now Matrix compatible with Kodi 18 and 19. Available sections include Movies and TV shows, Search, Torrents, Add, History, Status, Providers, and more. It quickly pulls in a large number of streaming links for users to pick from. Elementum has a nice feature in that it allows the file to buffer for a moment before playing it, which greatly improves the stream.

Guide To Install Elementum Addon

LooNatics 3000

LooNatics 3000 is one of the latest Kodi add ons that provides access to torrent links. Sections provided by this Kodi Torrent addon include Media, Trakt, Movies, TV Shows, Live TV / M3u List, Last Played, Actors, and Search.


Deja Vu

DejaVu is another Kodi video Add on developed by DejaVu Repository to include cached Torrent links and Debrid. Some of the services offered include Movies, Debrid, 4K UHD, 24/7, Boxing, YouTube Documentaries, Comedians, Worldwide CCTV, the Jukebox, Live in Concert, Online radio, and other more.

Foxy Streams

Foxy Streams is a Kodi addon that allows you to download torrents. Sections offered include Downloads, Search History List, Search, movies, TV Shows, Live Streams, and more. FoxyStreams is a single no-frills scraper (BitLord or rarbg /TorrentAPI ) plugin designed to work with OpenMeta. A Debrid account is required; Premiumize and Real-Debrid are currently supported.

The Best Live TV Addons

cCloud TV 

If you enjoy watching television programs on Kodi 19, one of the live TV Kodi addon to consider is cCloud TV. Without much ado, this addon provides access to the top television networks without the need for a hefty subscription service fee. cCloud TV is completely free. There are numerous categories to choose from, including FilmOn, All Channels, Sports, News, black and white movies, tv shows, Documentaries, and many more. Moreover, even though cCloud TV is a reliable live TV, IPTV  section addon, it also has dedicated on-demand categories for movies and shows.

Most videos on cCloud TV can be viewed with a single click. However, not all of the videos may be available at all times. Certain streams go offline from time to time. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent live TV addon, especially when compared to others options in the same category. This addon is deserving of a spot among the best Kodi add ons. cCloud TV is available for download from the Kodi addon repository.

Guide To Install cCloud Tv Addon

PVR IPTV Simple Client

PVR IPTV Simple Client is an IPTV Kodi addon that allows you to connect your already existing IPTV subscription and stream live TV channels. While this addon does not provide its own content, it works with various IPTV services.  You can use this Kodi addon to configure IPTV subscriptions using either the XMLTV EPG URL or the M3U Playlist URL. It can’t be done any other way. You can inquire about the URLs with the IPTV service provider. You should also check your email inbox because these URLs are usually sent in your email together with the login information.

Best Kodi Addons for Sports


This is the most widely used sports Kodi addon. SPORTSDEVIL addon has been around for years and still offers high-quality content. It’s a must-have accessory for any sports fan. It provides live streaming of a variety of sports channels, allowing you to watch live sports matches. You can even stream catch-up coverage of your favorite games if you missed them live.  SPORTSDEVIL continues to function appropriately despite being around for many years. However, you might notice that many videos in almost every category do not stream. If SportsDevil’s performance isn’t up to par, you might want to look into alternative sports add-on options.


Sportowa TV appears to be a SportsDevil-inspired addon, but it lacks the same number of streaming options. However, you might want to give it a try because it has a variety of sports categories from which to stream. It also covers a wide range of sports. The addon also includes a good selection of sports channels offering live coverage. There are several dead streams, but there are also many that are alive and working Kodi show options.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports kodi add on is an absolute must-have for any sports fan. This Kodi addon serves the needs of most sports fans out there. You can even watch major sporting events live with this fantastic Kodi Sports addon. Fox Sports Go is an official Fox offering that can be found in the Kodi Addon Repository. Please keep in mind that this addon necessitates a subscription to the Fox Sports channel.

Rising Tides

This is yet another Kodi sports addon. Rising Tides allows you to watch sports, various sports cable TV channels, and pay-per-view events. There aren’t many streaming options in the addon, but there are several exciting categories. You might want to give it a shot.

Best Kodi Addons for Music Streaming

MP3 Streams

This is an excellent Kodi addon for music fans. It is a widely known addon that has been around for quite some time. The media player library is well organized into various categories such as top album artists, Billboard Top 100, rap, jazz, hip-hop, etc. You can even create your own playlists right here.

YouTube | Works With Kodi 19

This is the world’s most popular video-sharing website. If you’re wondering whether you can use Kodi to stream YouTube videos on FireStick or any other device, the answer is yes. The YouTube Kodi addon does a good job, and there isn’t much of a disparity between using the addon and the original website. The Kodi YouTube addon also has some great features that are an additional bonus. Try out this fantastic addon.

Best Kodi Addons for Adults

On Kodi 19, you can find adult content without much of a hassle. If you want to keep your activities hidden from your ISP, it’s possible to encrypt your traffic with a VPN to hide the ip address in your streaming device. 


This addon is akin to Exodus’s adult version, the legendary Movies, and TV Shows Kodi addon. The addon provides one of the best ways to watch explicit adult video content; it scrapes media from multiple free adult websites and packages it all together. The content is divided into categories such as Live Cams, Tubes, Hentai, Scenes, Movies, Pictures, and so on, and then further divided into subsections of the various adult websites. With XX-O-DUS, you can watch any kind of adult media content for free and in high definition. Using a VPN will hide your ip address as you use this addon.

Ultimate Whitecream

This is one of the most reliable adult Kodi add ons. Because of its dependability and diverse variety of content, the Kodi addon has grown in popularity. Ultimate Whitecream divides content into Hentai, Webcams & Streams, Tubes, Scenes, Movies, and Favorites.  The content is further structured into sections of the websites from which it was obtained, making the addon simple even when using VPN will hide your IP address.

How To Install Ultimate WhiteCream addon.

Cumination Kodi

This is a great, Kodi 19 Matrix compatible, alternative for Ultimate Whitecream. You’ll find content from Cam4, BubbaPorn, DaftSex, etc.

How To Install Cumination Kodi


FapZone is a one-of-a-kind Kodi addon in that it has an app-like interface, which is yet to gain popularity in the Kodi community. The addon’s main page structures content into 20+ categories, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. After selecting one, you will be presented with a list of the most recent videos. Each of the provided videos can be viewed in resolutions ranging from 240p to 1080p. There is also a search button on the homepage, which you can use to find the content you’re looking for quickly.

Best Kodi Addons for Anime and Cartoons

Kodi CTOON (Cartoons & Anime)

CTOON is undoubtedly one of the greatest Kodi add ons for animated content. This addon has an extensive collection. It is swift and comes with one-click playback. We tested dozens of links, and they all did work (yes, all of them, not “almost”).

There are thousands of videos to watch that will keep you entertained for hours. The addon’s main screen allows you to get started with various categories for Cartoons, Animated Movies, and Anime. Each category is alphabetically organized. You could also use the Search feature (which appears when you navigate to the left in the retractable Kodi menu) to find the specific content you’re looking for. If you haven’t tried CTOON Kodi yet, you should!


For $5.99 per month, FunimationNow grants you access to a massive library of Anime videos. If you want to save money, you can purchase the annual plan for $59.99. This Kodi addon also provides a free service, but its video library is limited. Advertisements are also present in the free videos. The paid subscription allows for up to two concurrent streams, whereas the free subscription only allows for one. It’s possible to get early access to the Home Video Dubs after paying for a subscription. FunimationNow can be downloaded from Kodi Addon Repo.

Best Kodi Addons For International Content

VStream (French)

vStream Kodi addon gives you access to French TV shows, documentaries, sports, anime, and different movie categories.

Guide to install vStream Kodi addon

Other Kodi Addons Worth Mentioning

  • The Boys
  • Magic Dragon
  • Tubi TV
  • Nemesis AIO
  • ClickSville
  • Genesis Resurrected
  • Skynet
  • Disney Plus
  • Q Continuum
  • Diamond Shadow
  • Shadow
  • The Crew Sports
  • The Oath
  • ReleaseBB
  • EnterTain Me
  • Alvin
  • 4K Addon
  • Grogu
  • UK Turks
  • Twisted
  • Loonatics Unleashed
  • MatchBox
  • Pluto TV

How to Install and Configure Addons in Kodi 19

Kodi 19 is capable of delivering quite beyond the bare minimum when it comes to movies, tv shows, and sports. If you have a collection of ripped CDs and Blu-Rays, you can access them from the comfort of your couch using a lovely interface. You can enjoy live TV with NextPVR if you have a TV tuner card. As far as local media content players go, it’s quite comprehensive.

What Kodi 19 cannot do, at least not by itself, is stream live media from the internet. You’ll need add ons to do this (among other things). These simple scripts, typically created by fellow users, allow Kodi 19 to access paid services like Plex and, free online media services such as YouTube and Twitch, and even other services that require cable logins, like ESPN3 and NBCSN.

Other addons may allow you to personalize the look of your setup or the weather service it uses. Others may communicate with other programs on your computer to launch programs such as video games that display BitTorrent queue.

Learning how to find, install and configure addons makes Kodi a much more powerful tool, so let’s get started. It used to be somewhat challenging to find and use Kodi addons. While it’s still not as simple as finding Roku channels, the latest version of Kodi has an easy place to start: the addon category in the menu. All of your installed add ons will be listed here, divided into several categories such as Video, Programs, Music, and others. The simplest way to browse a few add ons to install is to click on the “Install from repository” feature. Then, select “Kodi Add-on repository” and begin browsing by category.

The number of available categories is a bit overwhelming, so I recommend that you start with Video. Scroll down until you discover something that piques your interest. If you’re not sure where to start, consider starting with YouTube. Select YouTube and press Enter; the addon will be installed in the display that appears. When you find an addon that you want to install, select it and then click the “Install” button. The addon will start installing in the background, and when complete, you will be notified. Just like that, your new Kodi addon is installed.

Repeat this procedure for as many Kodi addons as you want. The default official Kodi repository contains a wealth of useful content!

How to Setup a Kodi Addon

Most Kodi addons allow the user for some level of customization. This sometimes allows you to log in to your Kodi account, which is required for some services, such as Pandora. Other options are available from time to time. Select the addon that you want to configure from the add ons screen, then press the “S” key on your keyboard. A brief menu will appear. When you click “Settings,” the settings page for your addon will appear. We can’t even begin to discuss what the settings can achieve because it will vary depending on the addon. Our advice is to check the settings screen if you believe you should be able to alter something about an addon’s behavior.

What If an Add-On Doesn’t Work?

Is a specific addon causing you problems? The first step is to visit the Kodi forum. If you find an addon in the Kodi repo, there’s a good chance you’ll find a thread on the forum by the add-creator. The first comment in such threads usually provides useful information on current bugs, often offering short-term solutions or simply a timeline for when a specific feature will be fixed.

If you can’t find answers, you can create an account and ask them. Remember that the people who create these products are volunteers and users just like you. They lead lives besides making Kodi addons; they have jobs, families, and all that other stuff. They are devoting time to the add ons because they desired the feature or thought it would be entertaining.

Treat these developers the way you’d like to be treated in those situations, and you’ll probably find that they’re eager to assist.  If an addon you installed from a third party  kodi addon repository isn’t working, don’t enquire about it on the official Kodi forum unless you can find an existing thread about it. Instead, look for an alternate forum where the addon developer is describing the project.

Final Thought

The bottom line is that there are hundreds of Kodi add ons for users to pick from. With so many options, finding the best and highly functional feature-enriched kodi add on is quite a task. We hope that our guide with the best options per category will help you make the right choice with much ease.  This guide is regularly edited, which means that you can come back at any time for fresh information on the latest picks. We wish you a great Kodi experience!