Chaturbate Kodi Add-on | Install & Use

Chaturbate is a Kodi video addon for streaming adult content. This addon has a simple user interface, allowing you to search adult content according to categories, tags and also create a password to keep the addon private.

You can install this addon from the Kodimans Public Repository. 

Chaturbate Kodi Addon Sections

The sections in this addon include:

  • Category
  • Tags
  • Favorite
  • Records

Sub-sections under Categories include: 

  • Featured
  • Females
  • Males
  • Couples
  • Transsexual
  • Parental Controls
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Chaturbate Add-On Installation Prerequisites

Given that the Kodimans Public is a third-party repository, it has been disabled by default. For this reason, you need to switch the settings to Enable Unknown Sources to install this addon.

Chaturbate Addon Information

  1. Name of the addon: Chaturbate
  2. Repository name: Kodimans Public Repository
  3. Category: Media sources
  4. Media source name: Kodiman
  5. Latest working URL:

Installation Guide

First Things First – Enable Installation From Unknown Sources

Go to Home Screen, click on the gear icon, click on system, select “add-ons” on the left side menu, allow installation from “Unknown Sources”, click “yes” when the warning popup appears. 

Installing HSK-DE Repository

  1. Go to Home Screen, click on Gear Icon, click on File Manager;
  2. Click Add Source, Click None, Type in the URL and click Done;
  3. Pick a name for the repository (i.e. HSK) and enter it in the bottom box and click OK;
  4. Click back until you are in the Main Menu, select Addons on the left side; 
  5. Click on the Box Symbol (top left corner), Choose Install From ZIP file, click Yes when a warning appears;
  6. Open “HSK” Source and choose this file:
  7. A notification saying “Installed Successfully” will appear.

Installing Chaturbate Kodi Addon

  1. Go to Home Screen, find Add-ons on the left side, select the box symbol (top left corner) to get to the Addon Browser;
  2. Click on Install From Repository, choose HSK-DE Repository, click on Video Addons in the category section;
  3. Click on Chaturbate and hit install, select OK to confirm the installation of dependencies (don’t appear in Kodi 19 Matrix);
  4. A notification saying “Installed Successfully” will appear;
  5. You have now downloaded Chaturbate to Kodi. You can now access the addon from the main menu. 


Chaturbate is compatible with Kodi 18 and 19. Like most Kodi addons, you can use it on your Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Android, Linux, Raspberry, Mac, IOS, Windows, among other devices.

Alternative Addons

Chaturbate is famous for webcams; however, if you wish to explore other categories of adult content such as movie scenes, video clips, and live streams, check out the following alternatives:

Cumination addon delivers high-quality adult content, including video clips, live streams, and webcams. It is compatible with Kodi 18 and 19.

XXX-O-DUS addon is a fork of the popular Exodus Kodi addon. It delivers purely adult content, pulling quality links from popular porn sites such as RedTube, PornHub, and xHamster, among others. XXX-O-DUS works with both Kodi 18 Leia and 19 Matrix.

VideoDevil add-on delivers thousands of adult videos and lets you choose your preferences and the video quality. It pulls streams from over 40 adult sites such as xVideos, XNXX, and RedTube. VideoDevil is compatible with Kodi 18 Leia and 19 Matrix.

Common Issues with Chaturbate Addon

You may experience some problems when using Chaturbate. Here are some of the common issues and how to solve them:

Chaturbate Addon Fails To Launch

The problem of Chaturbate failing to launch occurs because of two reasons, as explained below.

Accumulation Of Cache

The Kodi app, addons, and your devices accumulate cache as you stream content. When this cache builds up over time, it may prevent certain addons from launching. 

How To Clear Cache on Kodi

You have two options to clear the cache on the addon. First, head over to the Settings menu on Kodi and click on Clear Cache.

The other option is using Kodi maintenance tools such as SG Wizard. The latter clears the cache and accumulated data across all Kodi-connected devices.

Incorrect Proxy Settings

To stream content on Kodi without interruption, your device’s port number and proxy servers should match those of the network. If the proxy settings do not match, Chaturbate may fail to launch.

Here’s how to solve this problem: 

Simply match your network’s port number and proxy servers to those of your device, then restart Kodi.

Chaturbate Addon Shows the ‘No Stream Available’ Error

When you search for content on Chaturbate, Kodi scrapers roam the internet, searching for links from sites with such content. Upon tracing a matching link, the scrapers avail the link to you to play or download. Unfortunately, sometimes the scrapers fail to return links, displaying the ‘No Streams Available’ error instead.

The following are the probable causes of this error:

  • Restricted access to content by Internet Service Provider. 
  • Buildup of video cache.
  • Outdated version of Chaturbate. 
  • Weak internet connection. 
  • Unavailable content. 
  • Disabled Kodi providers.

Chaturbate ‘No Stream Available’ Error Solved 

Here’s how to solve the ‘No Stream Available’ error on Chaturbate: 

Use a VPN

Chaturbate fetches links from adult content websites. These sites, especially the live stream and webcam sites, consume a lot of data, which prompts ISPs to restrict access to such sites. To bypass these restrictions, consider investing in a premium VPN.

Clear All Cache

Too much cache affects the performance of Kodi addons. Clear the cache and check if it fixes the error.

Update the Addon

Using an outdated addon can cause the ‘No Stream Available’ error on Kodi. To avoid this, constantly update the Chaturbate addon as soon as the developer releases a newer version. 

Fix Your Internet Connection

A slow or weak internet connection interrupts the data path between Kodi’s servers and the internet servers. For instance, slow internet will have your search request timed out. In addition, a broken internet connection interrupts Kodi scrapers, returning no links.

The first thing you need to do is establish if your connection buffers only on Kodi or other apps. To test your connection, open another application on your device, such as Netflix or YouTube. If the connection is also slow on these apps, consider the following: 

  • Disconnect your router from the power outlet and leave it for a few minutes, then reconnect it.
  • Turn off the modem and remove the service card, re-insert it, and then turn on the modem. 

After restoring your connection, restart Kodi and check if the error persists.

Enable All Kodi Providers

In most cases, Kodi addons share the same providers. For this reason, make sure all your Kodi providers are enabled.

Chaturbate Fails To Play Links

This problem occurs when your URLResolver is broken, or your playback has been set to ‘autoplay.’ 

Here’s what to do to fix this error: 

  • Troubleshoot your URLResolver by disabling it, restarting the Kodi app, and enabling it again.
  • Change your playback settings to Source Select. If the first link fails to play, you simply move on to the next until you find one that works. 

Chaturbate Addon Says, ‘To Play This Video, Streaming Authorization Is Required’

This error is common with adult content sites that use content links as advertisement baits. You can also encounter this error when you sign in to Kodi on a new device.

To solve this error, use a static IP address. This kind of IP address is specific to your Kodi-connected devices. When you sign in to Kodi using this IP address, the hoster sites save your login credentials. Then, the hoster sites automatically allow access to content even if you sign in with a different device.

Chaturbate Addon Shows the ‘Failed To Install a Dependency’ Error

You can narrow down this error to two possible causes:

  • Buildup of cache
  • Failure to install supportive files. 

Here’s how to solve the ‘Failed To Install a Dependency’ error: 

  • Clear Kodi cache.
  • Uninstall the Chaturbate addon, then install it afresh.

Chaturbate Addon Shows the “Dependencies Could Not Be Satisfied” Error

This error occurs when the Chaturbate addon’s python code is incompatible with that of the Kodi version. This can happen when you update the addon but continue using the older version of Kodi—for instance, using a Kodi-19-specific addon on Kodi 18.

To solve this error, ensure your Kodi version is compatible with the addon version.

Chaturbate Addon Shows the ‘Check the Log for More Information’ Error

This error occurs due to any of the following reasons:

  • Incorrect installation of the addon.
  • Accumulation of Kodi cache.
  • Faulty internet connection.

Here’s what to do to fix this error: 

  • Clear the Kodi cache.
  • Troubleshoot your internet connection.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the addon. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Chaturbate Kodi Addon 

Is Chaturbate Kodi Addon Legal?

Yes, it is completely legal. 

Is Chaturbate Kodi Addon Free?

Yes, this addon provides free links.

Do I Need a VPN With the Chaturbate Kodi Addon?

A VPN is essential when streaming adult content. It will help you bypass site restrictions, mask your original IP address and keep your online traffic private.

Does the Chaturbate Kodi Addon Still Work in 2021?

Yes, it does.


To recap, Chaturbate is one of the best free adult content addons on Kodi. Furthermore, it provides the content in different categories, allowing the user to choose one that suits their desires.