Free Live TV on Kodi | Install and Use

The best way to add TV to Kodi is to use the Free Live TV addon. The add-on contains a wide range of live IPTV channels that you can stream and watch for free. All of the content available is in HD quality and it’s scraped from official sources. The addon is easy to use and features a good-quality search option that really enhances the user experience. 

The Free Live TV Kodi addon features TV channels like Bloomberg, CNN, Euronews, Court TV, ABC News. Fox Sports, Dora TV, Food TV, MLB, NBC, VH1, CBSN, Vevo, Nick Jr., PBS Kids, etc. 

The add-on was developed by Jereme Hancock and it’s Kodi 19 Matrix compatible.

How Not To F*ck Up Your Kodi Experience: Streaming movies and TV shows on any of the 3rd party Kodi-addons may be illegal in your country due to copyright issues. 

Consider using a VPN if you truly care about protecting your online privacy.

Here are the key benefits of hiding your IP (using VPN):

1) Encrypts your internet traffic.
2) You can access Geo-restricted content.
3) You can avoid ISP throttling.
4) You can avoid unwanted surveillance by government agencies and ISPs.
5) You can protect yourself from hackers.

Connect VPN on all of your streaming devices (iOS, Windows, Android, Amazon Fire TV, etc.) and enjoy worry-free & high-speed movie experience 24/7.

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First Things First – Enable Unknown Sources

Go to Home Screen, click on the gear icon, click on system, select “add-ons” on the left side menu, allow installation from “Unknown Sources”, click “yes” when the warning popup appears.

Step-by-Step Guide To Install Diamond Build Addons Repo and Free Live TV Kodi Addon

Installing Diamond Build Addons Repository

  1. Go to Home Screen, click on Gear Icon, click on File Manager;
  2. Click Add Source, Click None, Type in the URL “” and click Done;
  3. Pick a name for the repository (i.e. Diamond) and enter it in the bottom box, click OK;
  4. Click back until you are in the Main Menu, select Addons on the left side; 
  5. Click on the Box Symbol (top left corner), choose Install From ZIP file, click Yes when a warning appears;
  6. Open “Diamond” Source and choose this file: “” or “” if you are not using Kodi 19 Matrix;
  7. A notification saying “Installed Successfully” will appear.

Installing Free Live TV Addon

  1. Go to Home Screen, find Add-ons on the left side, select the box symbol (top left corner) to get to the Addon Browser;
  2. Click on Install From Repository, choose “Diamond Build K19 Repo (Primary Server USA)” or “Diamond Build K18 Repo (Primary Server USA)”, click on Video Addons in the category section;
  3. Click on Free Live TV – 4K19 and hit install, select OK to confirm the installation of dependencies (not applicable for Kodi 19 Matrix);
  4. A notification saying “Installed Successfully” will appear;

You can now access the Free Live TV on Kodi from the main menu.

Alternatives to Free Live TV

  • TvTap – with hundreds of channels to choose from, this Kodi addon allows you to watch your favorite Live TV channels from different countries like the USA, UK, Italy, Canada, and Germany for free.
  • Players Klub IPTV – this popular add-on provides a wide variety of channels from across the world in high definition at a subscription fee of $8 per month.
  • 7 of 9
  • SportsDevil
  • cCloudTV
  • Limitless
  • IPlayer WWW

Free Live TV Sections and Channels

Just like most other addons, Free Live TV is neatly organized into sections containing hundreds of channels. These sections include Documentary, Sports, News, live TV, Music, Movies, Entertainment and so much more.

Free Live TV has 600+ channels from different countries across the world.

Free Live TV Kodi Addon Not Working Fix

Here are some common problems you may face with this addon and how to troubleshoot them.

No Stream Available

This is a common problem with many addons for streaming live TV. The origins of this error may vary but often poor connectivity will be the main reason why you encounter this issue. Make sure that you have a fast internet connection or clear your cache to fix the problem. Here are a few more steps you can take if the above doesn’t solve the problem.

  • Ensure that Debrid services like Premiumize, Real-Debrid and All Debrid are all updated and then reauthorize them.
  • Check that the Auto Play feature is switched to Source Select.
  • Bypass content blocking by ISPs by using a proxy.
  • Don’t use a VPN with Debrid services.

Free Live TV Won’t Start/Launch

Sometimes, even working addons can occasionally fail to launch. In case you encounter this problem with Free Live TV addon try the following methods to fix the issue.

  • Check that the server and port number of your Kodi internet access are the same as those of your network. A mismatch can occur if you are using a VPN.
  • Go to your device settings and clear the Kodi app cache. Alternatively, you can use maintenance tools like Open Wizard to reboot Kodi. Try relaunching the addon.

Error Check Log

A filled up cache causes this error. To solve it, clear up the Kodi app cache from your device settings and launch the app again. In some cases, a filled up cache may not be the only cause of the issue. Missing files in the installation repository may show the same error. Try a different repository for installation.

Stream Authorization

A stream authorization dialog may pop up when you try to play a certain link using your kodi app. This is technically not an error but nevertheless an interruption to a smooth streaming experience. You may be wondering whether you should give a stream authorization and if it is safe. Generally, it is safe to give this authorization on these websites and your videos will play immediately after the authorization is complete. However in some cases, the authorization may fail and the video will not play. Here are ways to avoid this altogether.

  • Pair the hosting site with a static IP address.
  • Disable sources that may require stream authorization.  

Dependency Could Not Be Satisfied Error

This error arises from python code discrepancies of the Kodi addon dependencies. Python is the programming language used to develop Kodi addons. Kodi app comes with the Python dependencies pre-installed, as these are necessary for addons to use special modules without manually importing them.  

This error is quite common if you are using a Kodi version that is not compatible with the addon. 

To fix this issue, you simply need to update to the latest software version of Kodi. This problem may occur if a Kodi addon tries to automatically update to the latest version but can’t access the dependencies of the latest Python.


Is Free Live TV Kodi addon legal?

While Kodi is itself completely legal, third party addons like Free Live TV cannot be classified as legal. This is because they provide unrestricted access to copyrighted content in one form or another. That being said, copyright laws are a tidbit confusing at times. What may be legal in one country may be illegal in another. For this reason, it is important to understand what laws apply to you before using this addon.

Is Free Live TV dead?

There are questions on the internet whether Free Live TV is still working in 2021. This addon is still working and offering high definition video content, Live TV, IPTV and so much more. In fact, Free Live TV is currently one of the best live TV addons for Kodi.

Do I need a VPN to use Free Live TV Kodi addon?

Yes. Consider using a VPN to access geo-restricted content. A secure VPN will also hide vital information such as your location and the IP address from ISPs and authorities.

Final Thoughts

Free Live TV is arguably the best addon for live streams and IPTV. It can be hard to find a reliable addon for live streams as most tend to lag and buffer. However, Free Live TV offers great performance on top of endless entertainment options.