How To Install Bubbles Kodi Addon | All You Need To Know

Bubbles is an entertainment addon used to stream movies, TV shows, documentaries, and short films. The addon fetches links from hoster sites, torrents, and Usenet service providers. 

In addition, you can integrate it with your Premiumize or Real Debrid account to access high-quality links from the best hosting providers on the internet. 

The addon has a relatively more complicated setup than most Kodi addons. Also, most of the free hoster sites the addon pulls links from don’t contain legal content. For this reason, there’s a high likelihood of streaming pirated content via this addon.  

General Features and Functionality

The addon works best when integrated with Premiumize. Some of its features include: 

  • Manual downloads.
  • Automatic local caching.
  • Lightpack control device.
  • Speed test.
  • Provider and account verification.

Advantages of the Bubbles Kodi Addon

The Bubbles addon has several advantages over other Kodi entertainment addons as listed below:

  • Supplies its own seeds, offering users more choices.
  • Can be integrated with subscription services such as Premiumize, Real-Debrid, OffCloud, EasyNews, All Debrid, Rapid Premium, and many others.
  • Supports Trakt, making it possible to keep a record of all the content you watch on Kodi. 

Available Sections and Channels

The Bubbles addon has sections such as:

  • Launch section
  • Language section
  • Playback section
  • VPN section
  • Statistics section
  • Access section
  • Theme section
  • Appearance section
  • Language section
  • Navigation section
  • Stream layout section
  • Title layout section
  • Menus section
  • Arrivals section
  • Shows section
  • Favorites section
  • Artwork section
  • Informants section
  • Premium section
  • Universal providers section
  • Updates section
  • Locations section
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Bubbles Addon Installation Prerequisites

Bubbles is not found in the official Kodi repository. For this reason, you’ll need to install it from a third-party repository by allowing installation from unknown sources from Kodi’s settings.

Bubbles Information and Location

  1. Name of the addon: Bubbles
  2. Repository name: Bubbles Repo
  3. Category: Video addons
  4. Media source name: Bubbles
  5. Bubbles repo zip file:
  6. Bubbles addon Repo URL:
  7. Latest working URL:

As of January 2018, the addon changed its name to Gaia, and as a result, the original repository of the addon is no longer accessible. Remember to type the Kodi repo URL correctly for successful installation of the addon.

How To Configure Bubbles Kodi Add-on

After installing the Bubbles Kodi addon and launching it, you’ll notice three disclaimers displayed. Click on Continue or Agree to all.

After that, the Bubbles addon configuration wizard appears; select Yes to continue. 

The addon will prompt you to choose a default language for subtitles and information display. You can change the language from the Tools section later on if you wish.

Click on Continue. 

The last step involves enabling Trakt or a free Real Debrid account for addon testing purposes.

Bubbles have free ‘happy hours’ for users who install the addon for the first time. During the happy hour, you can test how the addon works with subscription services such as Real Debrid. You can also download restricted files hosted on different providers at high speeds free of charge as long as you integrate the addon with a Real Debrid account.

If you need to enable torrent streaming, it is advisable to use your Premiumize account instead of the direct torrent player. This is because ISPs can monitor direct torrenting activity and might throttle your bandwidth or impose other penalties.

Premiumize has an inbuilt VPN service that encrypts your traffic from ISPs, ensuring online privacy for its users.

Bubbles have a Usenet feature that requires you to sign in to a Premiumize account to enable Usenet providers. If you fail to sign in to a Premiumize account, the Usenet streams won’t work on Bubble. In addition, users who don’t need this feature can disable it from the configuration wizard. 

If you don’t have a Real Debrid or Premiumize account and want to stream content using the Bubbles addon, you’ll need to enable free hoster providers. These hoster providers, such as NoobsAndNerds, provide streaming links for free, but they may be of lower quality than the ones provided by Real Debrid or Premiumize. 

Note that you need to enable Bubbles addon providers manually from Settings for the hoster providers to function.

Also, not all free hoster providers work; ISPs block most of them due to copyright infringement. For this reason, you need to enable the automatic failure detection feature. This feature detects hoster providers that are down or those with high failure rates and ignores them when you search for content online. 

If a blocked hoster provider comes back online, the feature reincorporates it into the search results. This feature is useful to users without a Premiumize or Real Debrid account. 

On the other hand, Kodi users with a Premiumize or Real Debrid account don’t need the feature because the subscription services have many premium hosts, which don’t usually experience downtime. 

After concluding the addon configuration, the addon will conduct a connection speed test to determine how fast your internet service is and the quality of your connection. 

How To Use The Bubbles Kodi Addon

Here’s how to access content on Bubbles Kodi addon: 

  • Select a category of your choice from the main menu, e.g. movies, TV shows, etc.
  • Select a subcategory, e.g., Arrivals, then select the content you want from the list that appears. 
  • You’ll need to wait for at least four minutes, depending on how fast your internet connection is, for the addon to search for content from the internet.
  • After scraping for content online, the addon will display a list of streaming options. 
  • Click on a streaming link of your choice and begin watching content.

There are several types of streams available on the addon: Direct and Torrent stream

A direct stream establishes the stream connection from hoster sites and Bubbles addon providers, while a torrent stream establishes the stream connection from Peer-to-Peer networks.


The developer has optimized the addon to fully support Premiumize, but it has limited Real-Debrid support. You can use Premiumize to torrent or download content for free or copy torrent magnet links and turn them into direct downloads. In addition, Premiumize has an inbuilt VPN that you can use to unlock geo-restricted content. 

If you want to access content not widely available on the internet, you can opt for Usenet streaming. Note that Premiumize is a paid service with its own high-speed servers, download tools, and plugins. The addon is also compatible with all devices and operating systems that support Kodi.

Alternative Addons

Despite being popular among Kodi users, the Bubbles addon has a reputation for sourcing links containing copyrighted content. Therefore, it is not suitable for users who want to watch legal entertainment content on Kodi. The original Bubbles addon is also currently unavailable (replaced by Gaia). 

Some alternatives to Bubbles Kodi addon include: 

FilmOn.TV: An entertainment addon that provides live TV streams from across the globe. It has legitimate content, and you can install it from the SuperRepo repository.

The Crew: An all-inclusive entertainment addon that integrates with Real Debrid and is compatible with the latest version of Kodi. 

Seren: A premium Kodi addon that only works with a Real Debrid account. It provides high-quality links and is compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bubbles Kodi addon 

Is the Bubbles Addon Available in 2021?

The Bubbles addon is not available in 2021 and has been replaced by the Gaia addon.

How Can You Download Content Using the Bubbles Addon? 

The best way to download content on the Bubbles addon is via Usenet, but you’ll need to sign in with your Premiumize account first before initiating downloads.

Is the Bubbles Kodi Addon Free?

You can install the addon free of charge, but you’ll need to register for a paid subscription service such as Premiumize if you want to access high-quality streaming links. 

Do You Need a VPN To Use Bubbles Kodi Addon?

Connecting to a VPN service is advisable while using the addon because most of its hoster sites contain illegal content. However, you can still sign in to your Premiumize and watch content anonymously without connecting to a VPN service.


Bubbles is a Kodi entertainment addon offering a wide range of movies, documentaries, and TV shows. It is optimized to work well with popular Kodi subscription services such as Premiumize (preferred), Real Debrid, etc. Additionally, the addon pulls content from tons of sources, including torrent sites, Usenet, and online hosters. However, the vast majority of its content is pirated, which is why you need a Premiumize account or premium VPN.