How To Install Alfa (Spanish) Kodi Add-on

Alfa add-on, or simply known as Alpha, is a Kodi add-on found in the Alfa repository. The add-on’s content primarily targets a Spanish-speaking audience. 

The Alfa add-on comes with sections such as Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Documentaries, Direct, Downloads, and much more. 

General Features and Functionality

Alfa, unlike most Kodi add-ons, uses P2P technology for streaming. This technology has an advantage over the traditional link scrapper method used by other add-ons because links to movies and TV shows will partially download content before streaming, preventing videos from buffering.

With the traditional link scraping method, high demand for the same content usually overloads the server, causing buffering or video lagging.

When compared to conventional link scraping add-ons, P2P add-ons offer a better streaming experience because of the link downloading technique. 

Alfa also lets you download content from multiple sources for offline viewing. It has various cloud-hosting providers and uses multiple sources such as channels, servers, and torrents to access high-quality content. 

This add-on’s main menu categories include: 

  • Movies
  • Movies 4K
  • Horror movies
  • Kids
  • TV series episodes
  • Anime Episodes
  • Castellan
  • Latin
  • Documentaries
  • Torrent
  • Settings

Sections Overview

  • Recent
  • Channels
  • My Links
  • Global Search
  • Favorites
  • Videolibrary
  • Downloads
  • Reportar un fallo
  • Help

Advantages of Alfa Add-on

Here are some of the reasons why you’ll love the Alfa Kodi add-on:

  • Uses the P2P file-sharing technique to provide a buffer-free streaming experience. 
  • Comes with an easy-to-navigate menu. 
  • Has a Resume Watching function. 
  • Has a vast library of media content. 
  • Compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix and Kodi 18 Leia. 
  • Integrates with subscription services such as Real-Debrid. 


The Alfa add-on works well with all major operating systems such as Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It is also fully compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix and Kodi 18 Leia.

Installation Prerequisites

You’ll need to allow installation from unknown sources on your device’s settings because Alfa is a third-party add-on unavailable in the official Kodi repository.

After allowing installation from unknown sources, ensure you have the URL to the Alfa add-on repository, Alfa Repo.

While this add-on is available in various repositories, using unofficial repositories comes at high risk of installing malware and viruses along with the add-on. Viruses leave your device vulnerable to hackers, consequently exposing your personal information to third parties.

Follow the steps below to install the Alfa add-on:

  • Enable unknown sources.
  • Add media source.
  • Install Alfa add-on from the repository.

Finally, ensure you have the latest versions of both the add-on and Kodi to avoid potential installation failures and errors.

Here’s the add-on and repository information you need for a successful installation process:

  1. Name of the Add-on: Alfa add-on
  2. Repository Name: Alfa Repo
  3. Category: Media sources
  4. Media source naming: Alfa
  5. The Latest Working Source URL:
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Installation Guide

First Things First – Enable Installation From Unknown Sources

Go to Home Screen, click on the gear icon, click on system, select “add-ons” on the left side menu, allow installation from “Unknown Sources”, click “yes” when the warning popup appears. 

Installing Alfa Addon Repository

  1. Go to Home Screen, click on Gear Icon, click on File Manager;
  2. Click Add Source, Click None, Type in the URL and click Done;
  3. Pick a name for the repository (i.e. Alfa) and enter it in the bottom box and click OK;
  4. Click back until you are in the Main Menu, select Addons on the left side; 
  5. Click on the Box Symbol (top left corner), Choose Install From ZIP file, click Yes when a warning appears;
  6. Open “Alfa” Source and choose this file:
  7. A notification saying “Installed Successfully” will appear.

Installing Alfa Kodi Addon

  1. Go to Home Screen, find Add-ons on the left side, select the box symbol (top left corner) to get to the Addon Browser;
  2. Click on Install From Repository, choose Alfa Addon Repo, click on Video Addons in the category section;
  3. Click on Alfa and hit install, select OK to confirm the installation of dependencies (don’t appear in Kodi 19 Matrix);
  4. A notification saying “Installed Successfully” will appear;
  5. You have now downloaded Alfa to Kodi. You can now access the addon from the main menu. 

Alternative Add-ons

If for some reason, you can’t install the Alfa add-on on your device, or it’s not what you’re looking for, you can opt for the add-ons listed below:

TV Chopo, like Alfa, also caters to a Spanish audience and features a vast library of entertainment content, including movies, TV shows, Live Sports channels, Fitness videos, Kids’ channels, Documentaries, and much more.

Tubi TV is popular among Kodi users because it offers High Definition (HD) TV shows and movies. The add-on’s content is primarily in English, but you will find Spanish Movies and Spanish TV show sections within the add-on.

Midian is located in the ‘Where The Monsters Live’ repository. The Median add-on has a vast library of movies and TV shows and features unique categories. To stream content in Spanish, click on the Spanish category on the add-on’s main menu.

Common Issues With Alfa Kodi Addon

Here are some of the most common problems you might encounter with this add-on and the best possible ways to solve them:

Alfa’ No Stream Available’ Error

The ‘No Stream Available Error’ occurs mostly when searching for content on the Alfa add-on because of: 

  • Poor network connection: 
  • ISP restrictions. 
  • Wrong repository. 
  • Unavailable content.
  • Full cache. 
  • Security or malware issues. 

Consider the following solutions when you encounter this error: 

Check Your Network Connection

Having a weak or unstable internet connection can sometimes lead to the ‘No Stream Available’ error. To solve this, unplug your router from the power source, then wait for a few minutes before plugging it in. 

If the error persists, try testing your internet speed by accessing other websites through your web browser. If you realize that your speeds are slower than usual, it may be a case of connection throttling by your ISP. 

Connection throttling is when your ISP intentionally slows your internet speed to limit your bandwidth usage. Slow internet leads to a longer loading time for videos, causing the ‘No Stream Available’ error. 

However, the best way to prevent ISP throttling is by using a VPN service.

Clear Cache

Data accumulation within the add-on is another reason you may encounter the ‘No Stream Available’ error. Usually, when there is a backlog of cached data, videos take too long to load, resulting in this error. 

For the Alfa add-on to function correctly, remember to clear the cache regularly. To clear cache, go to your add-on’s settings and click on the Clear Cache option under Tools. You can also download a maintenance tool such OpenWizard or SG Wizard to help clear cache.

Use a VPN

You may encounter the ‘No Stream Available’ error because your ISP has blocked you from accessing certain links or sources. It is imperative to note that third-party and P2P file sharing add-ons like Alfa use torrents and link scrappers to source content from multiple online hosts.

These add-ons make it easier for users to view copyrighted content or those behind paywalls, prompting ISPs to block them. But using a VPN will hide your internet traffic from your ISP; they won’t know the kind of content you access on Kodi. Besides hiding your IP address, VPNs keep your data private, preventing hacking, identity theft, phishing, among other cybercrimes. 

Adjust the Providers’ Timeout Options

Even though Alfa uses the P2P technique to stream content, streaming Ultra High Definition (UHD) files can lead to the ‘No Stream Available’ error. The best way to fix this problem is to upgrade your timeout options. 

Consider increasing the timeout limit to 60 seconds, which is usually enough time to load UHD videos. 

To adjust the timeout, go to the add-on’s main menu, then click on Tools under the Settings button.

Use Real- Debrid

Sometimes, locating a link to a movie or TV show that’s too old or too recent will lead to an error. The error occurs mainly when Alfa fails to find any links to the content on its cloud-based sources. 

In this case, integrating your add-on with Real Debrid is an excellent solution. Real- Debrid is a premium service that offers fresh, high-quality links from a variety of sources.

Using Real-Debrid with P2P add-ons that have a torrent function like Alfa can sometimes be confusing. For your add-on to work correctly with Debrid services, you need to authenticate Debrid providers. 

To authenticate Debrid providers, turn on Real-Debrid from Kodi settings, then launch the Alfa Kodi add-on. Wait for a few seconds for a message prompting you to authenticate Real-Debrid in Alfa, then click on it. After authentication is complete, your add-on should be streaming smoothly with no buffering or ‘No Stream Available’ errors.

Note that you need to have an active Real Debrid account for the above solution to work.

Install the Add-On From the Official Repository

As earlier noted, the Alfa add-on is available in various repositories. Unfortunately, using unofficial repositories to install the add-on will most likely lead to failures and errors, including the ‘No Stream Available’ error.

If you opt for an unofficial repository to install the Alfa Kodi add-on, the add-on will work well initially and then begin to fail or display errors after some time. In most cases, unofficial repositories may contain malware that interferes with the add-on’s functionality leading to errors.

Alfa Failed To Install Dependency’ Error

The ‘Failed to Install Dependency’ error mainly occurs when you have a poor internet connection or install Alfa from an unofficial repo. Here are some of the best solutions to fix this error:

Use the Official Repository

As mentioned earlier, installing add-ons from unofficial repositories is not encouraged. If you installed the Alfa add-on from an unofficial repo, uninstall it and re-install it from the official Alfa repo. Launch the add-on and check if the issue has been fixed. 

Clear Cache

A full video cache may cause the ‘Failed to Install Dependency’ error when you try to install Alfa. In this case, try clearing the cache and check if this fixes the issue.

Use the Latest Version of the Add-On

If none of the above solutions fix the error, check the official source to establish if you’ve installed the latest version of Alfa. It is possible that you may have been using an outdated version incompatible with your Kodi player, causing the ‘Failed to Install Dependency’ error.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alfa Kodi Addon 

Is Alfa Kodi Add-on Free?

Yes, the Alfa Kodi add-on is 100% free.

Is the Alfa Kodi Add-on Legal?

Yes, downloading and installing Alfa is legal. However, using this add-on to view copyrighted content is illegal. 

Do I Need Real-Debrid To Use Alfa?

No, you do not need to subscribe to a premium service to use Alfa. This add-on uses P2P technology to source content from online hosts and provides a buffer-free streaming experience.


Alfa’s in-built torrent function makes it one of the best Spanish Kodi add-ons out there. With its vast media library and user-friendly interface, Alfa is a must-have add-on for any Spanish-speaking Kodi user.