How To Stop Kodi Buffering | All You Need To Know

Kodi is one of the most popular media player software available today. It allows users to install add-ons, play locally stored media and stream unlimited content for free. Even so, Kodi still experiences buffering and lagging issues caused by various factors.

Before we look at how to stop Kodi buffering issues, here’s what you need to know about such problems in the first place.

What’s Buffering?

Buffering is the momentary delay in transmission caused by a slow network or other factors that affect media playback. Kodi buffering occurs when you experience a disruption or delay while streaming media over the internet. 

Reasons For Kodi Buffering Issues

Stuttering videos and buffering issues can be quite disappointing when watching movies or TV shows on Kodi. Here are a few possible reasons for Kodi buffering. 

Slow Internet Connection

This is one of the major causes of Kodi buffering. Your internet speed should be at least 5 Mbps for uninterrupted light video streaming. 

The upload speed of such a connection is about 0.5 megabits per second if there’s no traffic on your network. This speed is ideal for individual Kodi users streaming standard video quality.

It is advisable to have a 10 Mbps connection if many people connect to the same network. Kodi buffering often happens when there’s high network traffic due to a congested network. Therefore, a 10 Mbps connection is ideal to stream High Definition (HD) content.

You can conduct a speed test to determine your internet speed if you experience any fluctuations while streaming content using Kodi.

Network Congestion

A network can either be congested in your home network or at the streaming source. You may experience network lag and buffering if many people connect to the same home network with a speed of 5 Mbps or less. 

If you’re confident that your home network is not congested, there may be network congestion from the streaming source.

This kind of congestion occurs when many users access the same streaming source simultaneously, causing a bottleneck. A network bottleneck is a condition where data flow becomes limited due to insufficient bandwidth or network resources. Kodi buffering due to network congestion from the streaming source may occur even if you have fast internet. 

Home Network Issues

Suppose you’ve determined that Kodi buffering issues are not due to slow internet speed or network issues. In that case, checking your home network connection could help fix buffering issues.

If you’re connected to a wireless network, move closer to the router or move the router closer to you. This is because signal strength often reduces when you move further away from the router.

If moving closer to your router (or moving the router closer to you) does not solve Kodi buffering issues, try using a wired connection. Wired connections are faster and reliable than Wi-Fi because you do not share the bandwidth with other users connected to the network. Also, remember to turn off devices that are hogging bandwidth for no reason.

ISP Throttling

ISP throttling is the intentional slowing down of internet connection speed by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). If your internet connection is significantly slower than usual, you may use a reliable VPN service such as CyberGhost to check if your ISP has enabled throttling. 

The easiest way to do this is by running a speed test when you’re not connected to a VPN and running another speed when connected to a VPN. If the connection is faster while using a VPN, it could be due to bandwidth throttling.

Your ISP may throttle the connection due to reasons such as network congestion, data caps, or paid prioritization.

ISPs may throttle the bandwidth of a Kodi user when they notice torrenting conducted by third-party add ons, such as Quasar. A VPN comes in handy if an ISP constantly throttles your internet connection. Using a premium VPN service like CyberGhost will prevent your ISP from tracking your identity and activities on the internet.  

A premium VPN service will also allow you to download and install apps from the Amazon App Store quite easily. However, if your ISP throttles the bandwidth due to data caps or paid prioritization, using a VPN may not be helpful. The best thing to do, in that case, is to switch to an ISP without data caps. 

Outdated Kodi Add-ons

Usually, Kodi checks for add-ons updates automatically and notifies users if there’s any update required. This is not always the case, especially for add-ons made by independent developers with their own Kodi repositories. Therefore, you have to check for updates regularly for add-ons that are not part of Kodi’s official repository.

An outdated Kodi add-on may lead to Kodi buffering and device hanging while you stream various media. Here’s how to check for updates:

  • While on the Kodi home menu, click on Add-ons.
  • Click on the Open Box Icon or My Add-ons at the top left corner, depending on your Kodi version.
  • Place your mouse on the far-left side of the screen; a menu will pop up.
  • At the bottom of the menu, click on Check For Updates.

When the search for updates is complete, you’ll find out what add-ons are up to date and those that need to be updated. If outdated addons are the primary cause of buffering, updating should fix buffering on Kodi.

Wrong Video Scale Configuration

Video scaling is the process of reformatting video signal to match your display’s physical resolution. If video scaling isn’t done right, it may lead to lagging or buffering issues. This problem usually occurs when Kodi’s video scaling is set to a high percentage, resulting in video streams hanging if they’re of low resolution. 

Here’s how to configure the video scale correctly to stop Kodi buffering:

  • On the Kodi home screen, click on Player.
  • Scroll down and click on Expert.
  • Select Video on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Click on Processing.
  • The Enable HQ Scalers For Scaling Above option will appear. 
  • Reduce the scaling from 15% to 10%. 

Your Storage Is Full

If Kodi keeps buffering, there’s a fair chance that your device has low storage. For a smoother experience running Kodi, you need to delete Kodi’s temporary files. This can be done easily using the Ares Wizard, as explained in the steps below.

How To Delete Kodi Temporary Files Using Ares Wizard

  • The first thing you need to do is install Ares Wizard on your Kodi device.
  • When installed, Launch Ares Wizard from your home screen.
  • Click on the Maintenance button found at the top of the window.
  • You’ll see two buttons; Delete Thumbnails and Delete Packages. 
  • Click on the buttons one after the other.

Wrong Kodi Cache Configuration

A full video cache or a small video cache can also cause Kodi buffering. But first things first – what’s a Kodi cache?

A Kodi video cache is an auxiliary memory with high-speed data retrieval used to store temporary data. It makes streaming media much faster during playback. For smoother performance, you need to clear the Kodi cache regularly.

How A Kodi Cache Is Formed?

Caching is the process of forming a cache. In Kodi, a cache forms when streaming or when you’ve paused a video. If you continue streaming and an internet connection drops, the video portion stored in the video cache storage will play for a few seconds, as usual, and then playback will stop.

For uninterrupted streaming, the video portion stored as cache ought to stay ahead of the video portion yet to be played or already played.

Types Of Kodi Cache Files

There are four types of Kodi cache files, namely:

  • Temp files
  • Video
  • Add-on
  • Image

The video cache is essential when using Kodi to stream media because it temporarily stores device video caches and allows you to stream directly from cache memory without having to use the source server.

Video cache also lets you stream data in the background when playing a new video. The add-on cache is responsible for caching action undertaken whenever you use an add-on.

What Happens If You Don’t Clear Kodi Cache?

Failure to clear Kodi cache may lead to buffering or streaming errors. You can easily notice that your Kodi cache storage is full when you experience hanging issues or sluggish performance. Clearing Kodi cache will make streaming faster, reduce Kodi buffering, and also speed up your device.

Why You Should Clear Kodi Cache Files?

Cache file data may crash or run slower if you have a small cache memory. It’s best to clear the Kodi cache if you notice that Kodi streaming speed is slow or you often experience buffering. This helps fix minor functionality and playback issues.

Clearing Kodi cache files also leads to increased processing speed and prevents RAM deterioration in the long run.

Ways To Fix Kodi Buffering Through Video Cache

You can fix Kodi buffering through video cache by:

  • Adjusting/optimizing cache settings
  • Clearing out old cache files

Adjusting Cache Settings

A small video cache storage makes smooth playback difficult, especially if your internet connection speed is slow. The best thing to do when you have limited video cache storage is to increase the size of the video cache storage.

One advantage of this option is that it increases the video portion stored in cache memory, allowing you to stream with minimal buffering. This can be done by optimizing your cache settings. However, it is worth noting that a large video cache storage uses a lot of device resources.

How To Optimize Kodi Cache Settings?

The process entails editing the advancedsettings.xml file and might be a bit complicated for some users. There’s also the creation of a new script file that includes changes to cache buffer mode and video cache size.

Buffer mode is usually set as 1, but you can increase it to 5 after creating a new script file. For best results, it is recommended to set the value between 1 to 5. 

Do not set cache buffer size memory to a value of 0 if you’re using an Android box or Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC) with flash storage. This is because flash storage has a maximum number of read-writes actions it can perform, and setting the value to 0 leads to imminent failure. 

By overwriting the default settings, you decide how much storage to dedicate to the video cache. The best way to optimize Kodi Cache is by using maintenance tools or add-ons such as Ares Wizard, Open Wizard, or Supreme Builds Wizard.

Stop Kodi Buffering With Ares Wizard

First of all, you need to install Ares Wizard. After installation, follow the procedure outlined below to tweak cache settings:

Open Ares Wizard, then select Tweaks.

  • Go to Advanced Settings, then click on Next. You’ll see the default settings of your device.
  • Click on Generate Settings, then select Apply These Settings.

Stop Kodi Buffering With Open Wizard Kodi Add-on

With this option, the first thing you need to do is install Open Wizard on your Kodi device. When installed, go to the Kodi home screen and select Open Wizard

  • Click on Maintenance.
  • Select System Tweak/Fixes.
  • Click on Advanced Settings.
  • Select Cache & Network Presets.

If the RAM of the device is 2048 MB or less, click on Low-RAM Device Preset.

On the other hand, if the RAM is above 2048 MB, click on High-End Device Preset.

  • A pop-up will appear asking you to install a specific configuration file. 
  • Select Install and then restart Kodi to activate the new settings.

Fix Kodi Buffering With Supreme Builds

For this to work, you need to install Supreme Builds Wizard. After installation, follow the procedure outlined below to tweak cache settings.

  • Open Supreme Builds Wizard, then select Supreme Builds Maintenance.
  • Go to System Tweaks/Fixes, then click on Advanced Settings.
  • Click on Quick Configure AdvancedSettings.xml. A list of recommendations will appear, and you’ll be required to accept all. 
  • Click Write File to create an AdvancedSettings.xml file automatically.

Note that cache settings depend on the device you’re using, and by default, Kodi comes with 10 MB of Random Access Memory (RAM). You can only increase your cache storage if the device has adequate RAM. 

Even so, allocating cache storage more RAM space may sometimes cause your device to crash if you’re using a device with low specifications. 

You can also install high-quality buffering add-ons that tweak default settings and store buffered data on the hard disk. However, this is only possible for high-end devices. Low spec devices often display error messages when installing high-quality buffering add-ons or buffer when playing High Definition (HD) videos.

How To Clear Kodi Cache?

There are several ways to clear Kodi cache. This article explores the most reliable ways to clear Kodi cache and discusses step-by-step procedures on how to go about it. 

It’s not possible to clear the Kodi cache from the settings; therefore, you need to install maintenance add-ons as explained below.

Clear Cache Using SG Wizard

The first thing you need to do is install SG Wizard on your Kodi device.

After installation, go to the Kodi home screen and select SG Wizard.

  • Click on Maintenance.
  • Select Cleaning Tools.
  • A list of options will appear; click on Clear Cache.
  • A pop-up box will appear; click on Clear Cache again.

Clear Cache On Individual Add-ons

  • On the Kodi home screen, select Add-ons.
  • Click on Video Add-ons.
  • Select Tools.
  • Click on the Clear Cache button.
  • Confirm the action by clicking on Yes.

How To Clear Kodi Cache On Mi Box, Fire TV Stick, Nvidia Shield, And Android TV

  • Go to the Kodi home screen of your device, and click on the Settings icon.
  • Select Apps or Manage Installed Applications on Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  • On the list of apps that appear, click on Kodi.
  • Select Clear Cache, and then click OK to confirm.

Other Solutions To Stop Kodi Buffering Issues

If you’ve tried all the solutions listed above, but Kodi buffering still exists, it’s advisable to consider alternative solutions, such as using Real-Debrid with Kodi. 

What Is Real-Debrid and How It Helps To Stop Kodi Buffering?

Real-Debrid allows users to download files without restrictions from their wide range of unrestricted hosts. With Real-Debrid, you can stream content from any host on their web player. It is also compatible with Chromecast if you want to cast media from your devices.

It’s a multihoster with many servers that allow for fast streaming or download of files. Real-Debrid provides high-quality links that enhance the streaming experience for its users. It has 56 supported hosts, including Mega, Big4Shared, Filefactory, and many others.

Even though the supported hosts provide premium content, users have to subscribe to access the content. One of the reasons you may experience buffering on Kodi is that some of their streaming links may be of low quality. If you choose to use Real-Debrid on Kodi, be ready to pay monthly fees for premium access to content such as blockbuster movies.

How To Register As A Real-Debrid User?

  • Open your browser, go to, and then select Sign Up.
  • Fill up the personal information form and click on Sign Up to complete registration. 
  • Go to the email address you used to sign up and click on the activation link from RD.

For this to work, you need to deactivate the VPN service on your device and reactivate it once the setup is complete. It’s also advisable to register with the same IP address you use when streaming content. To do this, switch to your home network when registering an account.

How To Install Real-Debrid On Kodi?

RD works well with Kodi add-ons such as Crew Kodi and Exodus Redux. Nevertheless, Real-Debri is compatible with most Kodi add-ons used to stream on-demand content.

Here’s how to install Real-Debrid On Exodus Redux:

First, you need to install Exodus Redux Kodi Add-on. After installation:

  • Launch Exodus Redux Add-on.
  • On the main menu, select Tools, then click on ResolveURL Settings.
  • Click on Universal Resolvers on the left side of the screen.
  • Select Real-Debrid and click on (Re) Authorize My Account. A code will be displayed; all you need to do is write it down.
  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Input the code and select continue. 
  • Authentication will take a few seconds, and Real-Debrid will be integrated on the Exodus Redux Add-on.

Follow the steps below to install Real-Debrid On Crew Kodi add-on.

First, you need to install the Crew Kodi Add-on, and then follow these steps:

  • Launch the Crew Kodi Add-on.
  • Click on Tools.
  • Select ResolveURL: Settings.
  • On the Universal Resolvers page, you’ll see Real-Debrid; click on (Re) Authorize My Account. A code will be displayed; all you need to do is write it down.
  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Input the code and select Continue. Authentication will take a few seconds, and Real-Debrid will be integrated on the Crew Kodi Add-on.
  • Go back to Crew Kodi and click on search.
  • Select the content you want to stream and then proceed.
  • Click on new search and input the name of the movie or TV show you want to watch. 
  • When the results pop up, choose the Real-Debrid links and ignore the free links. 
  • Real-Debri links are usually marked RD.

Finally, you can now watch movies and TV shows uninterrupted using Real-Debrid.

To install Real-Debrid on Kodi without Addons:

  • Go to the Kodi home screen and click on the Settings icon.
  • Click on System Settings.
  • Select Advanced Settings.
  • Click on Add-ons on the left sidebar.
  • Select Manage Dependencies.
  • Scroll down and click on URLResolver.
  • Click on Configure, then select Universal Resolvers.
  • Under Real-Debrid, click on Priority.
  • Input the value 90 and click on Done.
  • On the window that pops up, press the OK button.
  • Select Configure, then click on Universal Resolvers.
  • Under Real-Debrid, click on (Re) Authorize My Account. Write down the code displayed. 
  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Input the code and select continue. Authentication will take a few seconds, and Real-Debrid will be installed on Kodi.

Many users confuse Kodi builds with Kodi add-ons. Kodi builds come equipped with pre-installed add-ons and linked repositories. They have their own skins, and the Kodi settings are already tweaked.  

The most popular Kodi builds include No Limits Magic Kodi Build, Titanium Kodi Build, and CellarDoorTV Kodi Build. On the other hand, Kodi add ons are simple applications used to stream internet content. Follow the steps below to install Real-Debrid on a Kodi build.

  • Launch the Kodi build and click on the add-ons menu.
  • Select the RealDebrid Setup. A code will be displayed; write it down. 
  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Input the code and select continue. Authentication takes a few seconds, and a ResolveURL Real Debrid Resolver Authorized message appears. Real-Debrid will be integrated on your preferred Kodi build.

Real-Debrid Is Not Auto-enabled

If you install RD on Kodi add-ons such as Exodus Redux, Covenant, and Crew, the service is usually auto-enabled. However, some add-ons such as Neptune Rising disable Real-Debrid service by default. 

It’s upon the user to manually enable the Real-Debrid service. In that case, here’s what to do:

  • Go to your Kodi home screen, select Add-ons, then click on Neptune Rising.
  • Once Neptune Rising launches, click on Tools.
  • On the window displayed, click on Settings: Providers.
  • A list of options will appear; click on Providers.
  • You’ll see Enable Debrid Providers; move the toggle switch button to the right.
  • Click OK to save changes. 

You’ll eventually see the Real-Debrid links when you stream your favorite TV shows or movies.

Important Things To Know About Real-Debrid Installation on Kodi

  • It’s advisable to sign up for the Real-Debrid service before installing Real-Debrid on your device.
  • Real-Debrid streaming sources/links are always indicated RD.
  • The Real-Debrid code is not case sensitive, cannot be copied and pasted, and remains active only for two minutes.

Benefits Of Using Real-Debri With Kodi

Superfast: You can easily stream HD content if you integrate RD with Kodi. Its speed is impressive, and it will stop Kodi buffering while streaming. RD premium allows streaming speeds of up to 1 Gbps, which is more than adequate for an average user. 

Stream High Definition (HD) Content: Most Kodi streams are free, experience network congestion, and hosted on servers that limit bandwidth for users. Therefore, users mostly stream low-quality Standard Definition (SD) videos. 

When streaming HD content on Kodi streams, you’ll experience a lot of buffering.

However, RD provides users with high quality streaming links. Kodi users only need to pay a minimal service fee that goes toward server maintenance.

Enhanced Download Speed: When you integrate RD with Kodi, you can download high-quality content in just a matter of minutes. RD premium provides users with unlimited bandwidth and lets them download files at maximum speeds.

Easily Convert Torrent Files To Direct Links: You can stream and download media files from different file hosts using RD. It has a dedicated page where you can upload torrent files or paste magnet links and convert them to regular files. After conversion, you’ll receive a direct download link.

Is Real-Debrid Illegal?

RD is a legal service, and all their file providers are legal too. They also state that they’re not responsible for the type of content their users download through their service, therefore, absolving themselves from any legal problems.

Can I Use A VPN While Using Real-Debrid With Kodi?

It is always advisable to use a reliable VPN service such as CyberGhost when accessing RD with Kodi.

Is Real-Debrid Free?

No. Real-Debrid is a premium service that requires users to pay for an account. It has various plans that run for a set period before expiring and has no free trial plan.

The only difference between the plans is the number of fidelity points you receive. For instance, 1000 fidelity points come with a 30-day-free subscription. Moreover, each time someone uses your personalized link to sign up, you receive 50 fidelity points and five days free.

Why Is RD Not Working?

First of all, check to see if your plan is still valid or has expired. If it’s still valid, apply the installation steps above to re-authorize your account in the ‘URLResolver’ and ‘ResolveURL’ settings. This process will sync and pair your RD account with your device.

Now that you know how to stop Kodi buffering issues, you shouldn’t have a problem watching your favorite content on this media player. Remember, for best results, get yourself a reliable VPN such as CyberGhost for enhanced privacy and the ultimate Kodi streaming experience!