Blink Kodi Addon | Install and Use

Blink is a lightweight video addon used to stream popular movies and TV shows on Kodi. This addon has a simple user interface, few sections, and a Trakt feature to manage your search and streaming history. With this addon, you can also view the last link you played and find suggestions based on your browsing history.

Blink is a Real Debrid addon, meaning you need an active Debrid account to stream quality videos.


Blink addon is compatible with Kodi 18 Leia and 19 Matrix. It works on all devices and operating systems that support Kodi, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and Android Boxes.

Blink Add-On Sections

The sections in this addon include:

  • Movies
  • Series
  • Trakt
  • Last Played
  • News

Subsections Under The Movies Section

  • Top Movies
  • Genres
  • Years
  • Ratings
  • Search

Subsections Under The Series Section

  • Top Series
  • Genres
  • Years
  • Ratings
  • Search

Blink Add-on Installation Prerequisites

Before installing this addon, you need to check a few things. First, change your Kodi settings to allow installation from unknown sources. Kodi disables this feature by default to protect your devices from malware and viruses.

You need to enable the feature because Blink is housed in the Magnetic Repository, a third-party repository.

Then, register for a Debrid account. Blink is purely Debrid based, meaning you can’t stream videos without a Debrid account. 

It is possible to integrate Blink with the following accounts:

  • Real Debrid
  • Premiumize
  • Link Snappy

Blink Add-On Information

  1. Name of the addon: Blink
  2. Repository name: Magnetic Repository
  3. Category: Media sources
  4. Media source name: Magnetic
  5. Latest working URL:
How Not To F*ck Up Your Kodi Experience: Streaming movies and TV shows on any of the 3rd party Kodi-addons may be illegal in your country due to copyright issues. 

Consider using a VPN if you truly care about protecting your online privacy.

Here are the key benefits of hiding your IP (using VPN):

1) Encrypts your internet traffic.
2) You can access Geo-restricted content.
3) You can avoid ISP throttling.
4) You can avoid unwanted surveillance by government agencies and ISPs.
5) You can protect yourself from hackers.

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Step-by-Step Guide To Install Magnetic Repository and Blink Kodi Addon

First Things First – Enable Unknown Sources

  1. Go to Home Screen, click on the gear icon, click on system, select “add-ons” on the left side menu, allow installation from “Unknown Sources”, click “yes” when the warning popup appears. 

Installing Magnetic Repository

  1. Go to Home Screen, click on Gear Icon, click on File Manager;
  2. Click Add Source, Click None, Type in the URL “” and click Done;
  3. Pick a name for the repository (i.e. Magnetic) and enter it in the bottom box and click OK;
  4. Click back until you are in the Main Menu, select Addons on the left side 
  5. Click on the Box Symbol (top left corner), Choose Install From ZIP file, click Yes when a warning appears;
  6. Open “Magnetic” Source and choose this file: “
  7. A notification saying “Installed Successfully” will appear.

Installing Blink Kodi Addon

  1. Go to Home Screen, find Add-ons on the left side, select the box symbol (top left corner) to get to the Addon Browser;
  2. Click on Install From Repository, choose Magnetic Repository, click on Video Addons in the category section;
  3. Click on Blink and hit install, select OK to confirm the installation of dependencies (don’t appear in Kodi 19 Matrix);
  4. A notification saying “Installed Successfully” will appear;
  5. You have now downloaded Blink to Kodi.

Alternative Addons

Venom lets you stream popular movies and TV shows. However, it requires a subscription to a Debrid account to stream high-quality videos.

Diamond Shadow is a video addon that delivers high-quality movies, TV shows, and YouTube content. It is housed in the Diamond Wizard Repository. 

Aliunde is an all-around addon that lets you stream top-notch movies and TV shows. It is compatible with Kodi 18 Leia and 19 Matrix. This addon also works with an active Debrid account.

Common Issues With Blink Add-on

You may encounter several issues while using Blink Kodi addon. Such issues include:

Blink Addon Shows “No Stream Available” Error 

Unlike other video streaming sites that own their content, Kodi does not own the content it provides. Instead, the app only searches for streaming links from other sources on the internet. As a result, you may encounter the No Stream Available error due to reasons such as:

  • The content you’reyou’re searching for is geo-restricted.
  • The content you are searching for has been removed from the internet.
  • Your internet service provider(ISP) has blocked access to certain sites.
  • You have a buildup of cache.
  • Poor internet connection.
  • The addon you are using is not working.

Here’s how to solve the No Stream Available error: 

Use a VPN 

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) hides your identity and Internet Protocol (IP) address from your Internet Service Provider and other nosy third parties. You can connect to a VPN service to access geo-restricted content and sites blocked by your ISP.

Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

Slow internet speeds can cause an interruption when the addon searches for content on the web. When a request is timed out due to slow internet speeds, it returns no results, causing the No Stream Available error. To avoid this, make sure your internet connection is stable enough.

Alternatively, here’s what to do if your internet connection is slow: 

Turn off your router for a few minutes, then turn it back on. You may also unplug it from the power source then plug it in after a few minutes.

Remove the internet card from your modem and re-insert it back. Restart the modem and check if the problem is resolved.

Check if your Debrid subscription is active. Debrid increases internet speeds, but only when you have already paid for the subscription. If your subscription has expired, consider renewing it. 

Stream lower-quality videos if your internet speeds are slow. When you stream high-quality videos, the data takes a long time to load, leading to a connection timeout. 

Clear Cache

A cache buildup can lead to any of the following:

  • No Stream Available error
  • Freezing” addon
  • Hanging addon 
  • Crashing addon 

To solve the No Stream Available error caused by cache buildup, clear the b”browsing and streaming history and remove cache buildup. This will improve Kodi’s loading speed and prevent buffers and the No Stream Available error.

There are two ways in which you can clear cache and your streaming history:

  • By clicking on the Clear Cache option from Settings.
  • Use a Kodi maintenance or cleaning tool such as SG Wizard to clear cache on all devices linked to your Kodi account.

Set Your Playback Settings To Source Select

Most Kodi addons are set to auto-play streaming links after the search engine returns the results. However, this feature leads to a No Streams Available error if the top link is faulty. For this reason, set your playback settings to Source Select to choose the best link.

Go to Settings and switch from Autoplay to Source Select. If the error persists, then it is likely “that the content you are searching for is unavailable on the internet.

Ensure Your VPN Is Compatible With Your Debrid Account

Not all VPNs work seamlessly with Debrid services. For example, if you are using a blacklisted VPN, it might be the reason you encounter the No Streams Available.

Consider disabling the VPN or switching t”o an allowed VPN. However, please note that” disabling your VPN jeopardizes your security and privacy. You can reduce the risk by using a proxy server as an alternative.

Enable All Providers On Kodi

Blink addon is a third-party addon, meaning it uses external providers to fetch content from the internet. To avoid such errors, check your Kodi provider settings to ensure they are all enabled. 

If they are all enabled, and you still get the No Stream Available error, consider disabling and enabling this feature once more. To “disable or enable th”e providers:

  • Launch the addon
  • Click on Tools
  • Select Providers
  • Enable all providers

Blink Addon Fails To Launch

One of the most common issues with Kodi is an addon failing to start or stopping immediately after launching. There are two primary causes for this problem, as explained below. 

The Proxy Settings Are Configured Incorrectly

When the Blink addon and your network’s proxy settings are incompatible, the addon will fail to launch. It might also launch for a few seconds then stop unexpectedly. You can correct this glitch by configuring your home network to match Kodi’s proxy settings. This includes the port number and server.

Buildup Of Cache

When you stream content on Kodi for a long period, it accumulates cache and unnecessary data. This buildup slows down the Kodi app and may cause add-ons to stop unexpectedly or fail to launch. However, clearing the cache and restarting Kodi should resolve this issue.

Blink Addon Fails To Play Links Or Requires Authorization

Sometimes the Blink addon may fail to play a link. You may also notice the To Play This Video, Streaming Authorization Is Required message. When this happens, it may b”e because the site you are trying to reach uses a link to “sing as an advertisement bait”. 

Pairing your device to such sites may expose it to malware and viruses. To get rid of the stream authorization prompt, do the following:

Get A Static IP Address

A static IP address is specifically assigned to a single device, meaning that when you pair the device with the hoster site, it registers the authorization, and you won’t need to pair the device every time you want to open a link.

Manage Dependencies

Faulty dependencies may also cause a stream authorization error. However, disabling the Openload URLResolver and rebooting Kodi should clear the error.

Disable Free Hosters

Free hosters may contain obsolete scrapers. When these scrapers try to request links through an addon, the search engine returns broken links. Therefore, disable free hosters on the Kodi settings so that only the Debrid service hosters can search for content.

Blink Addon Says “The Dependencies Could Not Be Satisfied”

This error occurs when the addon you are using is incompatible with the Kodi version. You may also get this pop-up message if you are using an outdated Blink addon. To solve this problem, ensure you are using the latest Blink addon version that’s compatible with the Kodi version you’re using.

Always update the addon every time the developer avails an update. You may also uninstall then reinstall Kodi every time you update the addon if the issue persists.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blink Kodi Addon 

What Is The Blink Addon Used For?

Blink addon is a video addon used for streaming popular movies and series on Kodi. 

Is Blink Addon Legal?

Blink addon is legal because it is used to stream content available in the public domain.

Is Blink Kodi Addon Free?

No, you need a Real Debrid subscription to stream videos on Blink.

Do You Need A VPN To Use The Blink Kodi Addon?

Yes. Using a VPN when streaming content with the Blink addon allows access to geo-restricted sites and hides your online activity from the government and your ISP.

Does Blink Kodi Addon Work In 2021?

Yes, it does.


To recap, Blink is a Kodi video addon popular for streaming high-quality movies and TV shows. It is a light and fast addon found in the Magnetic repository.

This addon contains minimal sections and has an easy-to-use user interface. It is also configured with Trakt, which organizes the content you have streamed into easy-to-access data. However, it is solely dependent on Debrid services, requiring an active Debrid subscription.